Rick Perry's Last Hope? Do Better than 999.

“I’ll bump plans with you brother”

That was Rick Perry at last Tuesday’s CNN Las Vegas debate and that’s exactly whats going to happen this week when the Texas Governor reveals his recovery this week.

He needs a win and he can get one if he delivers a real economic plan that appeals to conservatives.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen Rick Perry stammer and stumble through debates. He can’t attack, he can’t defend and he let Mitt Romney put his hand on him. This isn’t what supporters were expecting when they were calling on him to run. His campaign threw the “We’re electing a leader, not a debater” line at us.

The next debate isn’t for another month and Perry has watched his supporters flock to Herman Cain. This is going to be his chance to regain some support and get back in the conversation. He can do that by trumping 999 this week when he rolls out his economic plan.

999 is a liability. Cain supporters know this in their heart of hearts and if he gets the nomination, he can’t get to the White House with it. Economic professors, Bloomberg, and other number crunchers have said it could shortfall the government anywhere from 200-400 billion dollars and add a sales tax to states that don’t have one. It’s catchy, it’s fun to talk about. It’s the squeaking, stuffed animal he’s waving to his supporters to get them smiling for the photo ops.

Rick Perry has the chance to reveal a plan that’s got the flash and doesn’t have the battery of problems that Cain’s 999 has.

It’s rumored to revolve around a flat tax and feature a balanced budget amendment that so many Conservatives has craved. It’s expected to have the simplicity of a 999 plan with the key points of a Paul Ryan plan that was kicked around during the debt ceiling debate.

It has the potential to be the plan that carries him back into contention. He’s still the money leader so he can afford to get it in front of the viewers and it has to deliver South Carolina for him or he’s finished.

Herman Cain’s plan is too simple and leaves a lot of questions. Mitt Romney’s plan is too complicated and he can’t even recite it.

Rick Perry has the opportunity to find the right pitch and score points with voters on the issue they care about the most. The economy.

Perry must impress with his economic plan.