Will Sunrail Block First Responders?

So, I’m driving back home last night and join the other cars in line to wait as the train passes by. No big deal right? This is part of living downtown, part of living near the warehouse district in Longwood and pretty much everywhere in the Orlando Metropolitan area where these tracks run through.

Then an Ambulance crawls up, light on, sirens blaring, trying to get to the Orlando Regional Medical Center. For 4 minutes that Ambulance stands still in front of those tracks and I could only help the patient inside wasn’t in bad shape.

The train rolled by, the Ambulance sped over the tracks to it’s destination. As my car slowly moved through the line of cars, I asked myself.

When Sunrail arrives and traffic on these rails increase substantially, are these amublances going to experience more problems getting patients to hospitals?

With increased rail traffic, will first responders face challenges reaching residents?

ORMC isn’t the only hospital where this potential problem exists. You’ve got South Seminole Hospital in Longwood that could possibly be effected by the commuter rail that will extend from Deland to Poinciana.

Other growing cities face this problem, right? I mean, in Chicago, they’ve got the elevated trains. In other cities they’ve got overpasses that don’t cause back ups anywhere. While it’s exiting that we’ve got plans for more condominiums and more retail space, have we considered the aspects of the project that affect first responder services?

What about the police, the fire department? Are they going to face challenges getting to the scene of a crime?

It’s true, I wasn’t a fan of Sunrail when it got the green light but, it’s coming and I’m over it. Mass Transit is a necessary component for a major metropolitan area. If you commute through Sanford or Downtown Orlando on I4, you know that’s not the answer. But, when Sunrail gets here and we’ve got instant access to a Starbucks, or Taco Bell Express are the EMT’s and police officers going to have sufficient access to help those in need?

Condos? Check. Retail? Check. Efficiency?.........Hello?

Happy 2nd Birthday to FPFT!

It’s all because of you guys.

Here we are at two years. This blog and it’s readers have given me the privilege of providing political analysis, opinion, and humor to all of you and it’s been a great time. One on one with the Governor and other candidates for office. Debates on political races from the municipal level to the Presidency and the jokes we’ve gotten from them. An outlet to write about the things I can’t say on television, it’s all be great.

We’re just getting started.

Next year is going to be one of the biggest political years in United States history. You’re not going to be able to avoid it and this is ground zero. This is where it’s all going to go down. Orlando, the heart of the I4 corridor.

This blog will continue to grow and bring you content and opinion that you won’t find anywhere else. Expanding the conversation with more media. Video, audio, and photos that will put you in the middle of the action and provide a political experience that not only informs but entertains (heh) and inspires.

Two years and counting. Thanks guys!

Thanks Guys! It's been a terrific two years!

Newt Nabs New Hampshire Newspaper Nod.

Newt Gingrich’s election cycle story has been pretty remarkable so far.

His campaign was in shambles just a few weeks back. His staff retreated from the scandal of his marital past, slipping further behind as the shiny new candidates jumped in the race. Michele Bachmann and Ames victory, Rick Perry and his Texas job creation. Political newcomers like Herman Cain scored victories in straw polls like Presidency V. Newt wasn’t trying to make any friends. He was picking fights with debate moderators and slamming the media for pitting the candidates against each other. Time passed and then the dominoes started to fall.

Bachmann’s message didn’t evolve and there were unreliable stories about vaccines, and 2.00 gas. Herman Cain’s past came into question when women from his days with the National Restaurant Association and Rick Perry? Well…you guys know what happened to him.

Well, here we are and now it’s Newt’s time to be the anti-Romney candidate and unlike his unfortunate frontrunner predecessors, Newt Gingrich has the knowledge to keep him afloat. Even his personality which if often brash and condescending has earned him a major endorsement.

The New Hampshire Union Leader, the conservative newspaper in the region chose to endorse Newt Ginrich over Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman. Romney and Huntsman have put some serious resources into the Granite state and can’t be too exited at the fact they didn’t get the nod. Instead, the write up actually rewarded Gingrich for being confrontational and truculent

“Newt Gingrich is by no means the perfect candidate,” the article stated. “But Republican primary voters too often make the mistake of preferring an unattainable ideal to the best candidate who is actually running.”

No kidding.

Gingrich is by no means the perfect candidate and if he gets the nomination he could very well say a few silly things before this is all over. But, he’s the a dictionary of political knowledge and has the experience in Washington that will keep him from having to “fake it before he makes it”.

Things are still cloudy moving into December and it’s still anyone’s guess on whats going to take place in Iowa in January but, the moment is Gingrich’s and we’ll see if he sticks around or fades like the others. After all, he wasn’t even suppose to be here.

His campaign was in shambles a few months back and now he's back.

Who Won the CNN GOP Foreign Policy Debate 11/22/11?

It had the mildest moderator and the tamest crowd so far. Everyone is already in the Thanksgiving Holiday mood and it sounded that way. I was watching the online stream and Wolf Blitzer’s pre-broadcast pep talk and it was exactly what it sounds like…a pep talk from Wolf Blitzer. Anyways, let’s break it down.


Mitt Romney: Guys, there is a reason why this guy is a consistent frontrunner. He can debate. Flip Flopper? Perhaps but this guys doesn’t flub answers, he doesn’t back away from attack, and he does it while not alienating any smaller groups (Libertarians, social conservatives) within the Republican Party.

Newt Gingrich: Substance, Substance, Substance…brought up Einstein during Immigration. Who else does that? Romney jumped on his examples of qualified immigrants. Possibly the smartest candidate on stage. There has been some fallout over his stances on immigration and comparison to Rick Perry. Perry has a longer rap sheet on immigration than Gingrich, including in state tuition for the children of illegals. Some believe Gingrich is already in general election mode. Eh..maybe but Newt is way too up front to position his campaign that way.

Didn’t Win or Lose:

Michele Bachmann: Finally got the chance to flex that Sub-Committee intelligence muscle. You’ve got to wonder why she didn’t use this knowledge during the last dozen debates. It’s probably too late and she didn’t show enough savvy in other areas.

Jon Huntsman: Some of that Kermit the Frog Mojo must have rubbed off on him during his trip to New York to appear on Saturday Night Live. His answers were polished and he continues to get a lot of face time. He is still the longest of longshots and New Hampshire is his last stand.

Rick Perry: Hey, he didn’t meltdown at the podium and modified his plan for the border. He’s got the money. Is it too late?


Herman Cain:A self admitted newbie in foreign policy. He still speaks with the same strong convictions that make him sound good. Not enough time. Have the allegations scared the networks away from him?

Ron Paul: Called the war on drugs a failure but doesn’t have a clear plan for the border. Wants to leave Israel behind and let the Middle East go it’s own way. The nation is ready to start building at home but putting on blinders to all other foreign affairs is dangerous.

Rick Santorum: No traction, linked on to Ron Paul’s foreign policy philosophy. He is who we believe he is. A Senate ceiling politician running for President.

How many debates have there been? No meltdowns or Kung Fu Grips on candidates. Tamer than most.