Herman Cain Suspends Presidential Campaign

After weeks of allegations against him from his past. Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain suspended his campaign for the Republican nomination for the United States Presidency.

The buzz started earlier this week when word came that he was “reassessing” his campaign. There were rumors that there could be some changes in campaign leadership or perhaps a different strategy for fighting a two front political war. One against his Conservative competitors and the other against Gloria Allred and the group of women that accused Cain of sexual misconduct and extra marital affairs.

Today, in what was suppose to be a happy occasion, with the originally planned speech opening a campaign headquarters, turned into a somber affair ending his campaign and political career. At least for the time being.

This is an especially frustrating event for Herman Cain supporters here in Florida. Presidency V launched Cain into the mainstream and led to his rise in the polls. Florida Republicans propelled the Cain train towards his temporary frontrunner status. There is no other way to put it…

Florida is the reason Herman Cain had any chance to begin with.

There were a lot of skeptics, including myself. The math behind the 999 plan didn’t add up and he couldn’t defend it, He’s a newbie to foreign policy (remember that long pause on Libya and when he didn’t dictate the pace of the dialogue he became frustrated.

What now? What are Florida Conservatives to do? Do you jump behind Newt Gingrich who, at times was pretty buddy-buddy with Cain? Do you finally just embrace he horror and support Mitt Romney? Or do you take a look at Rick Santorum or hope that Rick Perry can keep his words straight. It’s certainly not an enviable position but a choice we’re all going to have to make.

So, the Herman Cain story ends (for now) and there are so many other endings that would have suited a self made man, like Cain. It does however demonstrate that it can be done. A self made, businessman with no previous political experience can be competitive in a Presidential race.

An unfortunate end to a campaign that inspired many.