Who Won the FOX News Huckabee GOP Debate Forum? 12/3/11

Instant Analysis:


Newt Gingrich: With Herman Cain dropping out of the race, Gingrich will inherit a lot of those orphaned supporters. His performance tonight was typical Gingrich, offering insight and yes, a little bite with his replies. While the format of the debate didn’t allow the viewers to see Newt trump the other candidates answers on the same question. He still did well enough to look good.

Mitt Romney: Spent most of his time defending Romneycare and didn’t really flub any answers. Polished replies on education and immigration. Guys, Romney turns in one solid debate performance after another. A lot of Conservatives don’t like him and there is a lot not to like but he’s good on TV and he’s strong on stage.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi: Yes, I’m being a Homer backing up my AG. Whatever, deal with it but, whether you were admiring her aggressive handling of the candidates or her appearance. She was on display last night. While, a little dramatic at times, she was what people were talking about tonight.

My AG Pam Bondi was what people were talking about tonight.

Didn’t Win or Lose:

Rick Perry: He put his debate meltdown further behind his rear view mirror. Speaking of that meltdown have you seen his latest ad? Goofy but endearing….

He didn’t knock any of the questions out of the park, nor did he bomb any of them. His answers on immigration are still suspect to a lot of conservatives and why did he ask the voters for a second look?

Michele Bachmann: A lot like Rick Perry but a much better dialog with the panel. Still didn’t make enough of a push, to gain any ground.


Rick Santorum: This was Santorum’s shot to try and gain some momentum annnd he didn’t nail it. He was the same wild-eyed, high strung candidate that we’ve gotten for the last 83 debates. Contentious with the panel, he didn’t seize this opportunity.

Ron Paul: He got owned by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. He couldn’t hear the moderators and he’s still lost on foreign affairs. I don’t want book recommendations, I want real solutions. I didn’t get that from Dr. Paul tonight.

Jon Huntsman: The last time he ditched one of these forums, he was in New York partying with Kermit the Frog on Saturday Night Live. Who knows where he’ll pop up this week? He’s hurting his campaign by not showing up to these things.

Mike Huckabee: For not running against these guys!