Haley endorses Romney. Will Rick Scott be next?

This morning South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley endorsed Mitt Romney, giving his campaign a much needed shot in the arm that propel him out of the doldrums of being “the stale frontrunner that no one wants”.

It’s key because everyone knows that Mitt wants New Hampshire bad, and watching Newt rise in the polls and take the New Hampshire Union Leader Newspaper endorsement stung him pretty good. Should Gingrich take Iowa and swipe New Hampshire from Romney an endorsement from the South Carolina Governor should stop the bleeding.

That brings us to our main topic. What about our Governor? Florida Governor Rick Scott? With our new primary date, Scott’s endorsement has high value. Especially with the orphaned Herman Cain supporters throughout the state.

It’s no secret that Rick Scott has been “buddy buddy” with Texas Governor Rick Perry. They’ve done the friendly sports bets and often share votes on job creation but, with Perry’s debate meltdown and dropping numbers in the polls, does Scott really want to go there?

His whole cabinet minus Pam Bondi, who hasn’t made it official yet have endorsed Romney. Gingrich connects with Scott’s Tea Party ties favorably who are willing to vote for almost anyone except Mitt, would Governor Scott go with the former House Speaker? Is he even going to endorse anyone at all with the convention coming to Tampa? Scott might want to steer clear of the drama and just get the state ready for the show.

Still, if he hasn’t gotten the phone calls already, they’re coming. Rick Scott’s endorsement could clear one of the last few obstacles a candidate faces on their way to the nomination.

Who will Rick Scott endorse in the GOP primary?