Mitt Romney will win Iowa. Prediction for Tuesday's Caucus

Before making the shakiest of political predictions watch this. It inspires.

That’s how you become great indeed.

Mitt Romney is going to win the Iowa Caucus tomorrow. Why? There are a dozen reasons, but the main one?


Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Gingrich, Paul, and now Rick Santorum

Bachmann? Peaked too soon, no substance behind her message.

Perry? If I showed the “oops” video anymore, it would be the 2nd most posted video on this blog besides……

heh, heh

Cain? Troubled past

Gingrich? Troubled Strategy

Ron Paul? Troubled..

And now, in what is turning out to be the cruelest twist of fate and politics, Rick Santorum.. Rick Santorum is now the anti-Romney candidate that could pull off the upset. I’ve been mocking Santorum for months. He’s lived in the lost column of political blogs so long, that he’s starting to collect equity. He’s skittish, unsure, and at times just plain terrified of running for President.

But, his platform is strong in Iowa and he’s been busting his tail.

He’s not going to win though. You see Iowa, like a lot of Republicans all over the country are tired. They just want to beat Obama, man. Romney gives them the best chance to do that and if they can get over the fact that this is a weak field and pick him, it would make the whole process easier.

Heck, they might even get Chris Christie or Marco Rubio on the ticket.

So Mitt Romney, who strolled into Iowa like a cool breeze, days and weeks after his rivals should win tomorrow. But hey, it’s Iowa and they’ve had seven changes at the top of the polls over the last few months. Nothing will surprise me.

Mitt Romney will win Iowa.

Will Iowa finally warm up to Mitt Romney