Jeff Ashton Declares Candidacy for State Attorney- Photos/Video

On this sunny but, cold morning, in front of the Orange County Courthouse, Former State and Casey Anthony prosecutor Jeff Ashton, announced his candidacy for the State Attorney’s office. Currently held by his former boss Lawson Lamar

Ashton, who gained national recognition during the Casey Anthony trial, retired immediately afterwards. He went on to write a bestseller and made the rounds on the major talk show circuit.

Surrounded by friends, family, and a strong media turnout, Ashton said he had no bad blood towards Lawson Lamar but, cited a list of deficiencies and problems with the longtime incumbent’s administration. Poor handling of cases, lack of technology, low conviction rates, and operational discipline were just some of the areas he addressed.

He was asked several times by reporters about the Casey Anthony trial, and replied that this race will not be about one case. He stayed on message for the entire Q/A.

Photos and his full speech with Q/A can be found below.

Ashton earned national recognition during the Casey Anthony Trial

Ashton announced in front of the orange county courthouse, surrounded by family and supporters

All major media orgs were present and ready for the freezing conditions.

Ashton deflected Casey questions and stayed on message. But the trial's presence will be there until election night.

Here is the video. WARNING: It was freezing and I was shooting video, taking stills, and tweeting simultaneously. Parts of the video sound like it was shot in a wind tunnel. Make sure you take some Dramamine before viewing! I’ll try to do better the next time!