Lydia Pisano running for Orange County District 3 Commissioner

Earlier this week, Belle Isle City Commissioner Lydia Pisano announced she would be running for the Orange County Commissioner slot, in district 3.

Pisano ran in neighboring District 4 in 2010 against current commissioner Jennifer Thompson and others. She gained recognition as a straight talker and formidable debater during that contest, and earned the Orlando Sentinel’s endorsement for the race.

She’ll be running in a district that has seen more than it’s share of controversy over the last couple of years. First, was the arrest of former commissioner Mildred Fernandez, that led to then-Governor, an Independent Charlie Crist to appoint fellow Indy Lui Damiani.

Damiani served several months as the district 3 commissioner before Fernandez’s formal exit, that led to current Governor Rick Scott appointing John Martinez, son of former U.S Senator Mel Martinez.

If that wasn’t enough, redistricting has made the region a hot topic over recent months. Activists protested board appointments, proposed maps, and gave emotional speeches during meetings. Then blasted the appointment of new commissioner, booing the younger Martinez and his wife during their swearing in ceremony.

I asked Pisano, what inspired her to run.

“I have always been a community advocate, and known for getting things done. What inspired me to run was, when I look at all of the things we have accomplished in Belle Isle, I realize how much more I would be able to do for our new District 3. With my six years experience as a Commissioner, 15 years in real estate, and as a community advocate, I am known for getting things done. I can be an asset to our county as a whole, as our economic issues, taxes, and decisions that are made, affect all Orange County taxpayers.”

Pisano will join Damiani, and others in the race to provide stable representation to a district that will not have seen it in almost two years, by the time the winner is sworn in.

Belle Isle Commissioner and District 3 Candidate Lydia Pisano