Who Won the ABC Yahoo GOP Debate from New Hampshire? 1/7/12

Wow, the candidates were on top of their game. Unfortunately, with no audible reminders of timing, they could go on as long as they wanted. Everyone sounded good at one time or another but this debate isn’t going to shake up the polls. And, yes there is another debate in less than half a day.


Mitt Romney: Mitt did what Mitt does best and what has allowed him to stay on top for so long. He stood at his podium with his hands in his pockets, grinning, and letting the other candidates slam each other up and down the venue. Then about an hour an half in, he gave a heck of an inspiring rant that will probably show up in one of his ads soon.

Rick Santorum: Look at Santorum, wearing big brother’s clothes! The former Pennsylvania Senator did well in his first debate at the middle podiums. He answered clearly, stayed on message and effectively attacked when he had to.

Ron Paul: Calm down, calm down, ..Ron Paul spoke Ron Paul policies well. He also got slugged by Gingrich over integrity at the halfway point. Reading economic textbooks on a Saturday night? I’m compelled to throw him in the loser column over that alone.


Newt Gingrich: While negative Newt did make his return tonight, it wasn’t quite enough to change momentum. Not instantly anyways. His lack of face time was a problem.

Rick Perry: When the Texas Governor needed a daring and game-changing debate to save his campaign, he disappeared. He didn’t speak until the 13 minute mark. He should just go to South Carolina right now.

Jon Huntsman:Oh, those moderate policies. I’m not dissing them, I’m a moderate. But, in a room full of conservatives during a primary against an unpopular President, it got a little quite during some of his replies.

George Stepanopolus: With the most ridiculous question of all of the debates so far. “Do states have the right to outlaw, contraception”. He was mocked and teased about it by the candidates and he stretched it out to a painful extent. In the current political landscape there far are more pressing matters at hand.

No time for rest guys! We’ve got another debate tomorrow morning. See you then!