Romney needs validating victory in New Hampshire tomorrow.

Before we get started, did you happen to see the Steelers/Broncos game last night?

Wow! A Bears fan is writing this post but, I gotta tell you, Tim Tebow is the best thing to happen to the NFL this year.

Everyone was cheering for Tebow last night. What a game.

Anyhow, back to politics.

The New Hampshire Primary is tomorrow and it’s wont have the high drama from last night. In fact, everyone is already looking towards South Carolina, where several candidates will be making their last stand. Before possibly withdrawing.

Yes, Mitt Romney is all set for victory and why not? He’s put in the time in the Granite state. He owns a home there, was the Governor next door, and has had boots on the ground for sometime now.

I do look at the latest poll numbers though, and wonder if it’s going to be as big of a victory as he expects or even wants. He stole Iowa and now defeat in NH is unlikely. A political BCS points system might come into effect, when the experts analyze his win. The College National Championship is on right now by the way.

Romney needs to throttle the second place finisher. He’s LSU matching up against Miss. st or Rice. Paul or Santorum shouldn’t finish close in this contest.

If Romney doesn’t win big tomorrow, you know how we are. “Are there cracks in Romney’s campaign armor?’ “Is the nomination in jeopardy?” “How can we shake thing up here in Florida?”

Speaking of Florida. Attorney General and personal crush Pam Bondi endorsed Romney yesterday. That means the former Governor sweeps the cabinet. Is Governor Rick Scott next?

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi endorsed Romney on Sunday

So, yeah… Romney can’t win by a few points tomorrow. He needs a healthy margin victory. If not, you know how we are…

It will be the end of the Mitt Romney campaign! Ok, maybe not, but it will leave the door open for someone else to walk through in South Carolina. Just like the overtime rules let Tim Tebow run away with the win last night.

Mitt Romney needs to cover the spread in NH