Catching up: Mica vs. Adams, Races to watch, Personal updates

Hey guys, I hope all of you are doing well and moving into February with all of your New Years resolutions in tact.

Here are just a few quick hits, to keep the cobwebs off of the blog!

John Mica vs. Sandy Adams:

Incumbents all over the country are dealing with redistricting the best they can. Some are retiring, most are running in different districts, and the kicker that Republicans and Democrats are both having to cope with….

The incumbents that aren’t going to change a doggone thing and are going to run, where ever they feel like it.

This brings us back to Central Florida where longtime incumbent John Mica is posturing for a run against popular freshman Rep. Sandy Adams.

It’s a lose/lose, divisive primary, that has pits establishment Republicans vs. the Tea Party. As if the Newt-Romney storm that passed through last month wasn’t enough. High-ranking Mica is the Chairman of the Transportation committee in Washington, Adams is a Congresswoman that’s never missed a vote and hasn’t blinked when siding with her constituents.

Okay guys, this is what needs to happen. Someone has to move from District 7 to District 6.
The only candidate running in D6 is Craig Miller, who dropped out of the Senate race last week after failing to get traction, and he’s already lost to Adams in the 2010′ D24 primary.

Democrats would love a long, expensive, primary between two, sure-fire Republican votes in the house. Especially, in this climate where they could find any scrub to be competitive with the President on the ballot in November.

Races to watch:

- While we’re talking about the redistricting shuffle. The three way trade between Alan West, Tom Rooney, and Adam Hasner should be a model for the Adams/Mica standoff. I thought Hasner was doing well in the Senate race, until the “Connie Mack” name showed up, he could be terrific in the house. The Allen West/Patrick Murphy race “feels personal” with Murphy vowing to follow West and run against him anywhere. It appears that Murphy is in this to beat Allen West instead of getting to Washington. It’s got DWS-DNC fingerprints all over it.

- State Senate D19 will have a Democratic primary to behold. With Rogue Gallart, Linda Stewart, State Rep Geraldine Thompson and Victoria Siplin all going for Gary “Droopy Drawers” Siplin’s seat. Victoria is the wife of current Senator Siplin.

- Orange County District 3 is going to be a fantastic race with some great candidates. It’s set against the backdrop of district that is expected to be vocal about what they want out of the next commissioner. The current candidates include Eric Lasso, Lydia Pisano, Pete Clark, and former appointed commissioner Lui Damiani.

Some personal stuff:

- Things are good at CF News 13. Make sure to watch Political Connections, Sunday at 130 and 730 on Brighthouse networks.

Political Connections Sunday at 130 and 730

- Last week, I had the chance to attend an immigration panel discussion moderated by the Orlando Sentinel’s Scott Maxwell. It was informative and at times intense. These events are gold, I can’t wait until the Orlando Mayor debate March 7th at UCF’s Metro Center. It could be the only chance the candidates get, to go head to head with Mayor Buddy Dyer. And with the personalities and followers involved, it could get “very real, very quickly”.

- My predictions that the Patriots would win the Superbowl came up short. I guess that’s why I talk politics and not football.

- I had the chance to join Crash, LT, Sloar, and Supa Dave for the WJRR Super Bowl-a-thon at Boardwalk Bowl last Saturday. It was an awesome time for a great cause!

WJRR Superbowl-a-thon. A great time and a great cause!

Till next time!