Alex Sink vs. Rick Scott II?

It could happen according to this report from the Tampa Bay Times. Former CFO and Gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink could run again in 2014.

Yes, Alex Sink who lost to now Governor Rick Scott. Scott who, jumped on the scene in 2010, shoved Bill McCullom out of the way in the primary, and won the general election by a text message.

When I say text message, I’m referring of course to textgate in which Sink used a cell phone to receive some advice from campaign personnel during her CNN debate. Scott called her out on that during commercial and the story broke nationwide that she violated the rules. Here take a look.

Anyways, her narrow defeat from Scott caused her to be called the “Worst candidate of 2010″ from the guys at MSNBC. She later went off on the President’s policies and Washington in general for the low Democrat turnout, that resulted in the “Red November” of 2010.

She’s thinking about jumping back in. There are pros and cons to consider. Let’s take a look.


Rick Scott’s low approval rating: Scott’s numbers are forever in the low 40′s/upper 30′s range. While he’s distanced himself from election year conservative rhetoric and the legislature’s agenda, he’s still going to have a tough time getting reelected if this trend continues.

Name ID: Yeah, that’s an easy one. Swing voters unhappy with Scott’s policies won’t think twice about voting for her this time around.


An inevitable tough primary: She’ll have one this time. There’s no way around that. Dan Gelber, Nan Rich,……Charlie Crist(!?) Plus any others. Sink might not fare so well in a primary after taking time off. All of the other Democratic hopefuls have demonstrated much more poise than she has. Speaking of other hopefuls..

What does Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer think of all this speculation?

Hesitation from the party: She’s well liked, don’t get me wrong but, are they willing to stand with her again? Especially at the risk of giving Rick Scott another term?

Age: She’ll be 67 in 2014 (plus 4, carry the 1, think), 71 when her first term ends. She looks fine but, how many more legislative fights does she have left?

Yes, if Alex Sink’s intention was to get back into the political conversation with this interview, it worked. But, there is still plenty of time and it’s a long way till November 2014.

Alex Sink is considering a rematch with Governor Rick Scott