Lemieux Doubles Down on Mack Attack, Concerned with Character

On a Friday afternoon phone call with Florida Bloggers, Former Senator George Lemieux reiterated his concerns with GOP rival Connie Mack IV past.

“I believe that we’re operating under a case of mistaken identity that the fourth is the first” referring to Mack’s famous family name.

Lemieux also brought up Mack’s past concerning earmarks, an issue hot off of the national debate stage, where Rick Santorum woke up the “boo birds” Wednesday, defending legislation that included earmarks. He also cited a history of violence with Mack’s past, bringing up incidents involving the Congressman.

“I firmly believe that if he were to win the nomination he would have a very difficult time winning the election. With this 20 year rap sheet Connie Mack couldn’t get a job as a police officer, a teacher, as a bank officer. So, why in the world should we elect him to the United States Senate” Lemieux said on Friday.

When asked if this would come down to Mack’s past vs. Lemieux’s past relationship with former Governor, and Republican turned Independent Charlie Crist, Lemieux said it was about “putting the best players on the field” through a critical vetting process. He also reminded those on the call, that he endorsed current Senator and GOP rising star Marco Rubio, the day after Crist left the party and Mack didn’t do so until several weeks later.

I asked if there were any plans for a formal debate, where both candidates would be on stage at the same time, and so far nothing has been set. Lemieux went on to say he welcomed the opportunity and would discuss these issues “any time and any place”

The one takeaway from the race this week, has been Mack’s silence. I would like to see more aggression from his campaign. He’s been raising dollars and stumping for Mitt Romney but, one sided conversations like these aren’t working now, and they won’t work against Bill Nelson in a general election.

Lemieux launched an aggressive campaign attacking Mack's character this week