Thank You. Adams and Mica get hearing on delayed Orlando VA Hospital.

This is the first post on this blog that has started with a thank you but, it’s personal to me.

And it’s personal to the thousands of Veterans in Central Florida.

If you recall last week there was a post about the delayed Orlando Veterans Hospital. The one that was promised to be completed this summer and instead is not expected to be completed until late next year, or perhaps later still.

First Congressman John Mica visited the construction site and identified a number of problems with the project. Including a staffing shortfall of almost 700 employees. Here in Florida with unemployment higher than the national average, that alone is a bitter fact to swallow.

Then Congresswoman Sandy Adams sent a letter to colleague Rep. Jeff Miller (House VA Chairman) calling for a hearing and an explanation of the delays that are keeping local veterans from revving the best care possible.

“They put their country first so that might have a prosperous future. After all they have given to our country we expect the people at the VA who are responsible for this project will ensure that the promises that have been made to our veterans will be kept”

The hearing will be held March 27th.

It’s unfortunate that these two members of the house are lined to oppose each other in what is shaping up to be a tough race for congressional district 6. This is due to redistricting which has redrawn the lines of the districts they’ve previously served. There is still hope that one could slide to district 7 and take on former CD 24 and Senate candidate, restauranteur Craig Miler. Adams has already defeated Miller once.

But, on this Friday afternoon in Orlando, veterans from both parties, all backgrounds, branches, and generations, can all move into the weekend with the knowledge that the boulder we all push uphill for benefits has moved a few feet forward.

And these two elected officials helped make it happen.

Rep. Mica visited the site and identified a staffing shortfall responsible for delays

Adams called for the hearing. It's set for March 27th