Orlando Mayor Candidates using different methods for GOTV

With less than two weeks to go until the election, the candidates for Orlando Mayor have been using different tactics to raise name ID and deliver their message to the voters. The methods are as different as the men vying for the job. Let’s break it down by candidate.

Activist Mike Cantone:

The youngest candidate in the field has been embracing social media to get his name out there. He’s running Facebook ads aggressively which is a low cost alternative to airing mainstream media adverts over television and radio. Cantone has also been able to benefit from the media attention drawn from some of his publicity tactics that the news outlets have been able to report on, like calling on Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer to sign a full term pledge when he’s been rumored as a Guv favorite for 14′ and teaming with other candidates to challenge absentee ballots.

Businessman Ken Mulvaney:

The lone Republican in the race has quickly stood up his campaign operation after a late entry and has been effectively using his real estate assets to display his campaign signs. Mulvaney will also benefit from his previous runs for the office which could sway supervoters who’ve had some buyer’s remorse over not voting for him last time.

City Commissioner Phil Diamond:

Phil Diamond has been winning the lawn sign battle for sometime. His diamond shaped markers can be seen up and down the residential streets bordering downtown. He’ll also favor from name ID from his time on the City Commission and should be competitive in the district he represented for so many years. He’s also done well enough with fundraising to ensure you’ll be seeing some mail from him in the future, if you haven’t already.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer:

You know Mayor Dyer. He’s a showman. And he likes to tell the voters how he’s getting it done.

Dyer is the only candidate to hit television so far and his ads are on heavy rotation early weekend mornings when, probable voters are watching public affairs programming.

The Mayor has also deployed what I like to call portable billboards. Large, durable, wooden signs that often require a drill to properly stand up. Those can be seen in the areas around downtown as well in addition to the decent amount of yard signs seen in residential areas.

If you haven’t already, you’ll get mail from Buddy and he’s got the advantages of being the incumbent, which often let him pivot off of official duties to connect with voters and tout his vision for the future.

Every candidate should be walking neighborhoods this close to the election and, expect everyone to spend a lot of the money they’ve got on hand over the next few days to make that final push