Health Law Victory could push Pam Bondi into National Spotlight

The Republican Presidential primary takes a backseat to another political battle this week, as the Supreme court hears arguments and possibly rules on President Obama’s Affordable Health Care act. The court has several options to take after it’s heard the arguments. From upholding the law to throwing it out altogether. It can try to remove parts of the law or punt and push back action for a couple of years.

One Florida lawmaker has been fighting “Obamacare” since the day it was signed two years ago.

Attorney General Pam Bondi made repealing the President’s healthcare plan, the cornerstone of her campaign when she ran back in 2010. She worked with former AG Bill McCullom and several other attorney generals from around the country to have this law heard by the highest court in the land.

Bondi was the underdog in her campaign to become Florida’s AG. Former LT. Governor Jeff Kottkamp held the name ID, the fundraising advantage, and incumbent resources. It was his race to lose.

He also had connections to Republican turned Indie Governor Charlie Crist and a laid back campaigning strategy. This lifted Bondi to victory in the primary.

Dan Gelber awaited Bondi in the general election and despite a heavy attack ad rotation used by the Miami Attorney, Bondi was able to ride the Republican wave of election night victories that saw conservatives sweep the cabinet races and take the Governor’s mansion.

Bondi has since been “outfront” on this lawsuit and calling for an expedited process on several occasions and while two years might not be considered expedited by most, the day has finally arrived.

Florida’s “camera ready” Attorney General already owns a certain amount of positive name ID on the national level. She’s been an analyst for FOX news for several years, she moderated a nationally televised debate and after eventually endorsing Mitt Romney, she hit the campaign trail hard with the former Mass. Governor, introducing him at several rallies throughout the state.

We’ve already got our share of famous lawmakers here. Allen West from the right, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz from the left and VP favorite Marco Rubio.

If this law is thrown out or even a partial victory like removing the individual mandate is achieved. Could Bondi be considered major player by party leadership?

She’s already a rising star in the Republican party and has some cross over appeal. If Rubio declined the VP nod, could Bondi be offered the bottom of the ticket in hopes of carrying the most important swing state in the country?

We’ll see how things shakeout in Washington this week but, it’s not if, it’s when Bondi will reaches the national stage.

It's only a matter of time before bigger opportunities move in Bondi's direction