Marco Rubio endorses Mitt Romney

In what could be a sign at a potential Vice-Presidential bid, Florida Senator Marco Rubio has endorsed Mitt Romney tonight on Hannity.

Romney has all but sewn up the nomination in what has been a long slog of a primary. He’s the only hopeful capable of reaching the required 1144 delegates necessary to secure the nomination and with Newt Gingrich checking down his campaign, Romney stands to gain even more support.

Marco Rubio remains the GOPs top choice to join Romney on the ticket. Rubio’s rising star, appeal to the Hispanic population and the possibility of delivering Florida scores him high marks among the pundits. He’s got a biography coming out soon and despite his recent arrival to Washington, is one of the best speakers in the Senate.

Romney continues to rack up Florida endorsements, first Attorney General Pam Bondi endorsed him, followed by GOP favorite and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Rubio’s endorsement delivers one of the final coveted endorsements the GOP has left to offer. You may recall the Senator coming to Romney’s aid when Gingrich aimed inflammatory immigration rhetoric at Romney during the days leading up to the Florida primary which Romney won in a landslide.

Other potential VP picks besides Rubio include South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, NJ Guv Chris Christie, and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.

Rubio's endorsement of Romney could be one of the last dominoes to fall before a VP nod.