Could a Romney/Rice Ticket produce Scott/Carroll results in November?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one

A successful businessman with a controversial past that has the vision but not necessarily the excitement, can handle himself at the podium but isn’t the most charismatic of the bunch, enjoys a wide variety of campaign resources but struggles to connect with minorities and even a faction of his own party.

You should have heard it. It’s a description of Governor Rick Scott. He had the HCA Columbia phantom follow him into the Governor’s race, avoided the media like they were carrying lice, had no problems with campaign cash and was rejected by the Bill Mccullom faithful for weeks before and after that brutal primary.

Then again, we could also be talking about former Massachusetts Governor and GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney.

Romney is currently being called the “Godfather of Obamacare”, he’s stays away from the Sunday talkers, and evening cable news. He’s got money forever, can’t win any southern states, or get any traction with the Tea Party.

Scott needed a running-mate that could provide what he couldn’t and Mitt Romney needs it even more still.

Marco Rubio is the top choice and for good reason. He’s got the “fire” Romney is missing, he can carry Florida, and enjoys support from the Tea party.

But, what if Rubio declines. This is going to be a tough race and 2016 lines up nicely for the Senator’s future opportunities. He could take the next step should Romney lose or run for another term in the Senate. There needs to be another option. Ryan? Christie? Pawlenty? Sure those are all good picks but none of those fill a Romney campaign need.

Jennifer Carroll filled a need on the Rick Scott campaign. She’s better behind the podium than the Governor, had legislative experience (Scott never held office before), and put a much needed presence of diversity on the Republican ticket.

Why can’t Condoleezza Rice do the same for Mitt Romney?

Not only would Rice demonstrate that there are indeed African-Americans in the Republican party besides Pizza CEO’s. The former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor could push the foreign policy discussion in Romney’s direction. As for poise in the media?….. take a look.

Well, there you go..

Listen, Romney’s path to victory is going to be significantly more difficult than Scott’s. Barack Obama is not Alex Sink and a Presidential campaign is scrutinized by millions, every second of every day. Romney and his team have already made a few errors (10k bets, corporations are people, etch-a-sketch).

If the Sunshine State doesn’t have his running mate, it’s got the perfect example of how to choose one.

The perfect Rubio alternative.