District 6 Battle Royal Heating Up. Costello hits Trail. McCullom Endorses Miller. Slough Declares.

With no “Game-changing” big names jumping into the race, the newly drawn Florida Congressional district 6 has attracted a platoon of candidates, that have started to step up their efforts to get the nod from voters to represent them in Washington.

Headlines from the papers and blogs show some going on the offensive.

State Rep and Former Ormond Beach Mayor Fred Costello is sweeping through Volusia County over the next couple of days, holding town halls in Deland and Ormond Beach. He wraps up his week on that fine public affairs program Political Connections.

Fred Costello will be talking to voters this week and appearing on CF News 13 Political Connections

Former Senate candidate, D24 candidate, and former Ruth Chris CEO Craig “Medium Well” Miller pulled a major endorsement from former Attorney General Bill McCullom and announced it this morning. The well financed restauranteur is probably the most recognizable name in the race. He has lacked the ability to get the voters excited about his candidacy in the past, coming in 3rd in his 2010 primary and failing to gain traction in the Senate race this year. He ads McCullom’s endorsement to his list of supporters including his former Pizza Flipping Pal, former Prez Hopeful Herman Cain.

The former AG endorsed Miller this week

There are a pair of Navy Vets running for the seat. Attorney/Author Ron Desantis and former John Mica Foe, Heather Beaven. With President Barack Obama on the ballot in November, a Democrat can be competitive in this slightly red district.

Could there be two Navy vets squaring off in the November?

St. Johns County School Board Chairwoman Beverly Slough announced her candidacy last week and will enjoy claiming deep roots in region.

Slough declared her candidacy last week.

There could also be others that jump into the contest as the year progresses. Could there be pretenders in this group? Doesn’t look like it but, until each of them qualifies through payment or petitions it’s all just talk. Sandy Adams and John Mica appear to be on a collision course and that means this district is up for grabs. And with the right message and campaign operation any of these potentials can win it.