Governor Scott greets President Obama the Right Way and OC Commissioner Edwards runs more ways than one.

A fun post to end what has been a very hectic week in Orlando.

Earlier today President Obama met Florida Governor Rick Scott on the tarmac in Tampa. Now, there are a couple of different ways to greet a President if you’re a member of the opposing party. Let me explain.

Wrong Way #1:

You can give the President a bro-mantic embrace like former Governor Charlie Crist, knowing full well you’re going to have a Republican primary to get the Senate, and anger your base.

Too friendly

Wrong Way # 2:

You can make a spectacle of the occasion and let the President know exactly what’s on your mind. This will have the exact opposite of Wrong Way #1. Oh it will energize your base but scare away any voters from either side close to the middle.

Governor Brewer got some praise from Obama critics but seen as hostile to most

The Right Way:

Remain perfectly formal and in the most subtle fashion remind the President that you don’t care for any of his policies and that you endorsed his probable opponent 48 hrs earlier.

President Obama actually looks more offended here than the previous photo!

You give a devout Chicago White Sox fan a cap from your superior baseball team the Tampa Bay Rays which, regularly delivers a beat down to the pale-hosers from the South Side.

That’s how you show up the President while keeping things cool.

Go Cubs!

Orange County Commissioner Ted Edwards Runs Two Ways in 24 Hours:

Commissioner Edwards released this photo on his Facebook page this morning. Can you spot him?

Can you spot the Commissioner from District 5?

That wasn’t the only running Edwards has been doing. He held a high profile, big money, campaign kick off, at the downtown Sheraton this morning. Plenty of big names there including former Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty and Winter Park Mayor Ken Bradley.

The Edwards campaign kicked off this morning

Edwards faces opposition from Businesswoman Gina Duncan.