Romney/Portman Ticket would be Safe and It would Lose.

Now that Rick Santorum has bowed out and Mitt Romney looks like the inevitable nominee we’ve seen the opening salvo of attack ads and between the GOP ambassador and the President.

Romney’s wife Ann is in the fight and we’re not even halfway through April.

All attacks on stay-at-home moms aside. We can get serious about speculation over who is going to be Mitt Romney’s Vice-Presidential Pick.

It’s no secret. Florida Senator Marco Rubio is the top choice for a lot of pundits (including mine). He can deliver Florida, he’s a dynamic bi-lingual speaker, the Tea Party likes him.

He’s everything Romney is not and can do everything Mitt can’t.

Condoleezza Rice is also a fascinating possibility. Her Secretary of State/NSA savvy could give Romney the edge in the Foreign Policy discussion. She’s also a terrific speaker, that can handle the heat of the media spotlight.

She too is everything Romney is not.

Rubio or Rice would be great picks but much like he’s done during this primary, the inevitable nominee is going to play it safe.

The junior Senator from Ohio Rob Portman is currently the frontrunner according to speculation in the media.

If the name sounds familiar it should. Portman was on the debt super-committee last fall. He’s a moderate that’s well spoken and has a reputation as a policy wonk.

Think Paul Ryan after 3 Ambien.

Portman has plenty of upside. He might be able to deliver Ohio, the other major battleground in this election. He’s not as mistake prone as Romney and could lure some independents with his sensible delivery of the campaign’s platform.

He’s safe. He’s Romney back when he was Governor of Massachusetts. If the economy suffered a slew of setbacks between now and November he might convince some to think twice at the polls. He’s also not a lot of things.

The logic being used by the Romney campaign is that Portman is been vetted more thoroughly than Rubio. He doesn’t have that connection to W. that might hinder Rice as a VP candidate. They won by double digits in Florida so, they’re convinced Florida is leaning towards a change.

I’ll tell you why they’re wrong and why Portman would be the first decision in a losing GOP ticket.

Portman will deliver zero support from Hispanic and African-American voters. Zero. He was anti-DREAM act and unlike Rubio hasn’t publicly been searching for alternatives. The Tea Party is already unhappy in Ohio kicking Governor John Kasich and Speaker John Boehner’s policies to the curb. You think they’re going to get excited about the guy being labled the “Godfather of Obamacare”?. As for charisma and the ability to galvanize the campaign that would be the first to replace a Democratic incumbent in 30 years?

Portman doesn’t have it.

Romney doesn’t want a bold pick. Memories of Tina Fey and Katie Couric have brought the specter of the Sarah Palin pick back to life. “A Game Change Pick? Forget that noise!”.

Expect a snoozer pick guys. And expect it to be the first decision this campaign makes that slowly moves the chains in the President’s favor.

Maybe we should have nominated Ann Romney.

Portman for VP depends on the Obama campaign to make too many mistakes