Jeff Atwater for Senate? Why Not?

We’ve had an entertaining GOP Primary for Senate here in Florida.

We’ve had radio show meltdowns.

Massive turnover in candidates.

And yes…comparisons to Charlie Sheen.

Now former Senate President and Current Florida CFO Jeff Atwater is considering a run and if you’re already in the race or your name is Senator Bill Nelson, this is cause for extreme concern.

Why? Atwater knows policy, knows numbers, and is capable of delivering his message in a calculated but understandable fashion.

He’s Connie Mack IV with better poise. He’s George Lemieux without ties to the spector of Charlie Crist hovering above him. It’s easier to imagine Atwater’s rationality getting the better of Bill Nelson in a general election.

Here’s a campaign ad from Atwater’s 2010 CFO Campaign

Of course he is still in the consideration stage. His career track had some considering him as a future gubernatorial candidate. Atwater or any of the others face an uphill climb in the general election, with a strong Democrat turnout with President Obama on the ballot, but could Atwater bring the enthusiasm that’s missing from two years ago, when Marco Rubio was gaining on Charlie Crist in the polls?

A tall order but Atwater is just as capable as anyone in this current field.

So why not?

Could Atwater fill the enthusiasm gap in the GOP Senate Primary