Orange County Goverment’s New Website is a Winner

One of the biggest obstacles that kept the Orange County Government from effectively communicating with Citizens has been cleared.

Earlier today Orange County launched it’s new website, that comes with fancy videos, menus, and widgets.

Let’s break it down:

Easy Access to Board Openings: Yes, this might have arrived a little late for some but, unlike the previous website which required those who were interested in serving, to pass a battery of web page jiu-Jitsu challenges, the new website gets you there in 3 easy to find clicks.

Social Media Widgets: Now being able to air your county level government complaints in cyberspace has become even easier. The City of Orlando actually does a fine job addressing concerns on Social Media, let’s see if the County can too.

There are also links to some (but not all) of the County Commissioner’s Social Media Pages. Now, you can follow Commissioner Fred Brummer on Twitter. Because heck, why wouldn’t you want to?

Easy User Interface: The website is much easier to use than it’s predecessor. Interaction and navigation makes it much easier to find things. Checkout the Board of County Commissioners screen. It looks like a video game when you’re scrolling through the board. They can literally change positions with the click of a mouse that’s not attached to the hand of a lobbyist.

Let’s be serious for a second.

There have been communication issues between the County and Constituents. Protest over redistricting, difficulty keeping up with projects like Sunrail and Domestic Partner registration. One of the problems was the website. We turn to the internet for solutions and if the County’s voice isn’t clear and accessible, citizens get frustrated. It doesn’t solve everything however. The best government website in the world doesn’t mean a thing, if the people behind it aren’t taking action from the feedback . It also works the other way too. It won’t work if the community doesn’t use it.

It’s a great move in the right direction.

The New County Website is a major and important improvement