DCCC pouring 8.3 mil Ad Money into Florida, 2.5 in Orlando

If Orlando wasn’t going to see more than it’s share of Presidential ads this year, news now comes that DCCC is pouring huge amounts of Cash into the state for television spots.

Politico reported this morning that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will be purchasing about 8.3 million dollars in air time for Candidates running for House seats. About 2.5 million of that will be here in the Orlando market.

What does that mean?

It means Val Demings will get an extra push in her campaign against D8 House Rep Dan Webster.

It means former Congressman and Democratic lightning rod Alan Grayson will get a push against whoever comes out of the District 9 GOP primary. Although Grayson, a successful fundraiser on his own might allow it to go elsewhere.

It means the eventual Democratic nominees in Florida House District 6 on the coast, and D7 closer to Orlando will also receive help. Heather Beaven is the only notable Democrat declared in 6, no major candidates have declared in district 7.

The DCCC will also spend massive amounts in Tampa and some down south to Defend DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and assist Patrick Murphy in his race against GOP favorite Congressman Alan West.

All of this money from the DCCC will serve as a “kicker” to turn the state blue for the Presidential race. Likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama will turn the Sunshine State into the nation’s biggest political battleground this fall.

Former Orlando Police Chief will get an ad push from the DCCC this year.