Was Approval of Florida Polytechnic Amends for High Speed Rail?

Late yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott gave the greenlight on a bill that would allow Florida Polytechnic to become the state’s 12th University.

The earmark was unpopular move but, also a necessary one for the Governor who recently signed his “education budget”. This also came after the Scott vetoed several other projects including community centers in poor communities right here in Orlando.

So what gives? Why approve the obvious pet project championed by State Senator JD Alexander?

This is pure speculation but it goes back to when Scott took office and involves another project Alexander wanted badly.

It was the 2.4 billion dollars in federal funding that the Governor turned back early last year. When contractors couldn’t guarantee protection to cost overuns that would have billed the taxpayers, Rick Scott turned down that money. The decision was slammed by Alexander and he even questioned the authority the Governor acted under.

For what it’s worth, the money went to California and Missouri and those projects have been plagued with setbacks and complications.

It was a bitter start for the Scott administration and with his approval numbers lagging and challengers for 2014 lining up, it’s about political survival now.

This means media junkets, advocating popular issues (education), and making amends with legislators.

That’s why this unpopular bill was signed yesterday, and done on a Friday night to reduce blowback. That’s the game folks.

What’s this University mascot going to be anyways?