Obama Pop Culture Push will present biggest Challenge to Romney

In case you missed it last night, President Barack Obama visited the Jimmy Fallon show and of course was well received. He did the popular “Slow Jam the News” segment and used the time to promote his student loan views.

The appearance was success. Let’s take a look at an appearance on the same show by then-Republican candidate for President, Michele Bachmann.

That song played by Fallon’s band, “The Roots” was called “Lying Ass Bitch”. While, a candidate for the office is a hardly the same as a sitting President, there is the treatment involved and it’s just a sample size of what awaits a Romney candidacy as far as the entertainment world goes.

Since the early 90′s it’s just been accepted that when you’ve got that “R” next to your name, you’re the bad guy. It doesn’t matter who you are or how you act.

A similar thing happened in 2008.

John McCain (a moderate) a war hero, that spent years in the a POW camp and had a balanced platform that moved away from Bush policies, still couldn’t harness the Pop Culture Power that controls the youth vote.

Throw in Sarah Palin, Katie Couric, and Tina Fey and the rest is “Game Change” history.

McCain even went on SNL himself but, Republicans continue to fight a losing battle with the entertainment world

Yep, in Los Angeles and New York, if you’re Republican you can’t be cool. That’s unfortunate. This is why it matters.

President Obama and Mitt Romney are both poised to spend almost a billion dollars this year for their respective campaigns. You will probably be numb and tuned out from most the attack ads by July.

This is where the Pop star, MTV, Reality television culture comes into play. You think they’re gonna promote Mitt Romney’s campaign? A candidate that’s about as a exciting as a Publix on an early Saturday morning? No.

How do you fix it?

You can do what they’re trying to do and that’s ensure a strong turnout by your base. You can keep it about the economy and not Obama. You can hope for mis-steps by the President’s campaign. A few more Biden F-Bombs, one or two more rotten “Rosen” remarks.

Here’s what I would suggest.

You pick Chris Christie or Marco Rubio as a running mate. Someone who can change the social culture of the party while maintaining the principles. This is a general election. True, don’t flip-flop but at the same time, quit acting so old! I’m positive Mitt Romney can’t do it so, it’s gonna have to be his running mate. Just make sure they can hold their own across the stage from Biden and knows has solutions for the challenges this country faces.

We need another “Game Change”. This time make sure it changes the game in our favor.

If not youth, casual, and independent voters will re-elect the President.

Pop Culture matters. In fact, years after the election is over it’s the images from those moments in the national spotlight that remain.

Romney will have to modify the image to attract younger voters