Tuesday Knocks Newt Out. Gingrich to Suspend Campaign

Newt Gingrich’s campaign is finally down for good.

After a run that saw his candidacy come back from the dead twice, the former speaker of the house will suspend his campaign next Tuesday, after losing all five primaries to GOP frontrunner and eventual nominee Mitt Romney last night.

First was his campaign meltdown that saw the majority of his staff resign. Citing Gingrich as difficult to work with and facing a substantial deficit in the polls, a mass exodus occurred that had many believing that was the end of his young campaign.

That was last summer

Second was his lack of traction with the voters. Other frontrunners came and went and many were asking why he was still in the race.

That was last fall.

Gingrich would revive his efforts during the televised debates where he gained ground in the polls not by attacking his opponents, but the moderators and mainstream media. One memorable moment was when he slammed CNN’s John King over questions about his marital past.

That would lead to Gingrich’s rise to the polls. He became Mitt Romney’s biggest competitor and won the South Carolina Primary. And along with his anger directed at the media, he touted a positive past with Reagan and working with Bill Clinton during his time as speaker.

Then came Florida and it all came to a grinding halt.

Gingrich wanted a Moon Base in 8 years. His act of aggression during the debates got old and he was slammed by Florida Senator Marco Rubio, for his immigration attacks on Mitt Romney. He lost by double digits and it was mostly down hill from there.

His only other victory would come in his home state of Georgia. He would lose the other Southern Evangelicals to Rick Santorum and the path to victory became hazier.

He laid off a third of this staff and started using language that set the foundation for today’s an exit. Delaware was his last hope and was lost last night, along with the other four states. He was mathematically eliminated long before that.

There’s hardly any reason to worry about Newt.

Despite massive campaign debt, Gingrich will likely go back on the speaking circuit and write another book. His price per appearance will likely go up and he’ll be out of the woods in no time.

If there is one aspect of this announcement that Newt Supporters can find solace in, it’s that he fought as long as he could and demonstrated that biting back at the media from time to time can be effective energizing a conservative base.

Gingrich's campaign came back from the dead twice and he was a frontrunner at one point