Dueling Endorsements: Bachmann backs Mack, Cain Chooses Lemieux

Two former Presidential candidates chose sides today, in the GOP Florida Senate Primary.

Former frontrunner and GodFather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain endorsed former Senator George Lemieux last Friday night at Lincoln Day dinner in Hernando County. The nod was caught on video and comes across a tad awkward.

Cain mentioned that Lemieux didn’t know he was going to do that. Still, an endorsement is an endorsement and the lone major candidate still in the race from a year ago can use every push he can get.

His opponent and frontrunner Congressman Connie Mack had another endorsement already in the hopper, to counter with.

Another former frontrunner, Tea party Favorite, and fellow House Representative Michele Bachmann endorsed Mack in announcement made this afternoon.

You can argue which endorsement is bigger.

Herman Cain won Presidency V here in Orlando and has been endorsing candidates all over the state, like Craig Miller in his House District 6 race and he was in town last week campaigning with Todd Long who is running in district 9. His controversial exit from the race amidst allegations of harassment could turn off some.

Michele Bachmann came in last at Presidency V. In fact, she didn’t campaign very hard in the Sunshine State and it costed her dearly. However, after her exit, Bachmann is still held in high regard by the Tea Party movement and on capitol hill.

The eventual winner, be it Connie Mack or George Lemieux faces an uphill climb against sitting Democratic Senator Bill Nelson. Poll numbers are giving him a comfortable lead over both candidates.

Bachmann endorsed her fellow Representative Connie Mack in the Florida GOP Senate Contest