Saturday Morning Political Headlines 5-5-12: Sentinel Columnist Debate Citrus Bowl

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Between margaritas and coronas, you should try and check out the Avengers. It’s a terrific film, just make sure you stay past the credits.

Today, we’ve got a video debate between Orlando Sentinel Columnist Scott Maxwell and Mike Bianchi over Citrus Bowl renovations.

Bianchi wrote a column a few weeks back criticizing Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs for suggesting that private donations should be accepted for renovating the aging stadium. It was a fine read but I disagreed with most of it. Here is <strong>my rebuttal to that column.

This morning Bianchi dons a Cheesehead (as a lifelong Chicago Bears fan I’ll be damned if I take anyone wearing that seriously) and crunches the numbers and details with Maxwell over potential solutions.

Take a look at it. Personally, I agree with Maxwell’s points that we should scrape enough together to sweep the bat crap off the ceilings and replace the rusting Urinals but money for the rest will have to come from somewhere else.

This story leads off your Saturday morning political headlines.

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You can have money to fix the urinals and clean the bat dung but the rest will have to wait.