Political Stocks: Who’s up, Who’s Down, in O-Town – Campaign Kickoff Edition

We haven’t done Political Stocks in a long time but, with primaries looming, and the big day less than 6 months out, it’s time to start keeping score.

Here are this weeks political stocks:

Who’s UP:

Mack IV: Connie Mack’s roller coaster campaign appears to be on the upswing. He’s opened up a big lead against his primary opponent, former Senator George Lemieux in the polls, CFO Jeff Atwater passed on standing up his own campaign on short notice and he’s was endorsed by Michele Bachmann last week. Former Attorney General Bill McCullom also appears be lining up behind Mack. That being said…

Will McCullom endorse Mack IV today?

Bill Nelson: Nelson watched his lead in the polls increase over both of his potential opponents. The Presidential rotation swinging through the state has allowed the Senator to piggyback off of their visits to get the electorate excited. And he won’t have to take his jacket off for a campaign fight for another 4 months.

Orange County Commissioner Scott Boyd: With no serious opposition lining up against the commissioner in district 1 and fundraising coming along nicely, could “the quiet guy on the left” be looking at easy re-election.

Holding Steady:

Florida Senator Marco Rubio and New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte: The two younger names in the Mitt Romney Veepstakes have both been receiving heavy media coverage over the last week.

Rubio’s unauthorized biography was well received, despite concerns that his questioned family history could spill over into consideration for the VP nod.

The issue of his age and experience has been leading the conversation recently, and that wasn’t the case a month ago. He was on Fox News Sunday laying out his legislative experience in Tallahassee but moderator Chris Wallace said he was 41 and looked 35. other critics have asked if he’s ready to step into oval office if needed.

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte has been another name repeated by pundits. On Meet The Press she said that she believed she was more experience than Barack Obama when he took office. Is she the darkhorse?

Who’s DOWN:

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer: The Mayor has had a rough go at it since re-election. He’s been dissed for rising burglaries in the city by rivals and the media. And once again Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs has called out the city for not keeping it’s end of the bargain with Citrus Bowl renovations. These are the stories that keep a lawmaker from being elected to higher office.. like Governor

The biggest thorn in Dyer’s side is the calculator Jacobs keeps at hers.

Congressional Democratic Candidates in Central Florida: Quick! Besides Alan Grayson, name another Democrat running for Congress in Central Florida. …. exactly.

Herman Cain: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The Presidency V winner started campaigning here about a year ago and it feels like he’s never left. Now he’s awarding awkward endorsements and running a bizarre barnstorming tour.