Sunday Morning Political Headlines: Mica goes on offensive…kinda

Some great contents for you on this Mother’s Day Sunday:

After weeks of getting pushed around in the blogosphere, social media, and direct mail, the John Mica campaign finally raised it’s voice in his likely showdown with fellow House Rep. Sandy Adams.

Slightly raised his voice…

The Mica campaign called out Adams on improper “franking”. This is using tax-payer funded mail to update constituents on their lawmakers progress. These are re-election friendly pieces of mail become a hot topic every election cycle when sitting lawmakers coincidentally send most of it out.

Mica has avoided addressing his high profile primary with Adams, touting his record and position as the House Transportation Chair in D.C. This is the first time he’s mentioned her in a negative light and while it was the mildest of attacks, it could be a signal that his campaign is tiring off the rhetoric that “He is the personification of what’s wrong in Washginton.

He’s also on Political Connections at 130 and 730 to day on CF News 13.

This story and a great discussion on redistricting lead your Sunday morning political headlines.

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Mica has avoided conflict early in his big primary contest with Adams