Florida Senate Throwdown: Lemieux brings in Friends, Here comes Mack Attack

It all happened in a matter of hours on a busy Monday in the Sunshine State. The Florida GOP Senate Primary took some unexpected twists and turns.

It started with an attack from former Senator George Lemieux on GOP frontrunner Connie Mack IV. This isn’t news. The Lemieux campaign sends out negative releases on Mack IV almost everyday but, this one was different and effective.

Lemieux sent a letter to Connie Mack asking questions on the sensitive subject of his residency and how much time he actually spends in the state. Mack is on the record as saying he only spent 11 days in California last year and Lemieux wants to verify that statement. Here is portion of the letter.

“Since you are asking the citizens of Florida for a promotion to the US Senate, you owe “We The People” an accounting of your time. On several occasions you’ve declared that you only spent 11 days in California last year. If you can pin point the number of days you spent on the West Coast, you are certainly able to document the amount of time you spent in Florida over the years.”

This also isn’t anything new. Public letters demanding answers has been done beforeby the Lemieux campaign. What catches your eye are the names at the bottom of the letter. These are his most powerful allies in the state and very popular among conservative voters in their respective areas.

Senator Paula Dockery (R – Lakeland)

Senator Stephen Wise (R – Jacksonville)

Representative Dennis Baxley (R – Ocala)

Representative Rachel Burgin (R – Riverview)

Representative Larry Metz (R – Yalaha)

Representative Jimmie T. Smith (R – Lecanto)

Representative Ritch Workman (R – Melbourne)

Those names also cover 3 of the 4 major regions in the state. Northern Jacksonville, out west and back east to Melbourne.

Clever move by the Lemieux campaign. I’d be really impressed if he can get those names on the stump for him on the trail.

Ok, so it was a terrific tactic. What happened next was completely unexpected.

Wait, Did Connie Mack just retaliate? Mack IV who has been a campaign pacifist, who has only looked forward to the general, who has made it all about President Obama and Senator Bill Nelson…That Connie Mack?

Oh, and that last shot. Will Charlie Crist ever stop hovering over George Lemieux?

It was completely unexpected and happened hours after Lemieux’s letter was released. Are we going to see more of this from Mack’s Super Pact? I don’t know but let’s judge the ad.

It connects Lemieux to the two politicians GOP voters can’t stand. The President and Charlie Crist. You don’t want the President giving you credit for breaking ranks on his legislation and, you don’t want to perpetuate your connection to the man who left the GOP to try and take down who many believe is the future of the party. Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

The President’s “I want to thank them” also ties in nicely with the score.

The first Mack Attack is impressive

This primary might not be a snoozer after all.