Romney Backs Mack IV, Where Does Lemieux Turn Now?

The Senate race has gotten exciting this week with both George Lemieux and Connie Mack IV campaigns breaking out the political Jiu-Jitsu in efforts to turn the tide in their favor.

Right now the momentum is swinging the younger Mack’s way. In the last 48 hours his unexpected retaliation on the former Senator after months of relentless attacks.

Today, Mack IV rolled out his anticipated endorsement from GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney while he was out campaigning on the west coast of the state. Mack endorsed Romney months ago and campaigned with the former Massachusetts governor in the days leading up to Florida’s primary.

This is an impressive streak of endorsements the South Florida Congressman has had over the last few weeks. In addition to establishment Republicans like Romney, and Bill McCullom, Mack also has the support of the two biggest names in the Tea Party, Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul. This is the kind of coalescing Mitt Romney wishes he had over the course of his campaign.

The next question is, where does George Lemieux turn now? What kind of role does he play in this primary moving forward?

It is a two man race. Does he hope that research turns up a game changer that could knock Mack out of the race? He’s already tagged him on his rowdy younger days, disputes within the party, and time spent in state but if Mack establishes a firm rebuttal on the residency claim then there is nowhere else for Lemieux to go.

The only real way for Lemieux to catch Mack is to get him on state-wide television and deliver at least 2 decisive debate victories.

Let’s see if anyone will pick it up, it might be the last card Lemieux has to play.

Romney officially endorsed Cain IV today