Dave Weldon enters Florida Senate Race

Today, longtime former Brevard Congressman Dave Weldon announced he was entering the race for Florida Senate. He released this video announcing his candidacy.

He’ll enter the GOP primary and face current House Rep and frontrunner Connie Mack IV and former Senator George Lemieux.

He told the media last week that he was considering entering the race and made it official today. He’ll try to leap frog Lemieux and postion himself as the anti-Mack candidate.

He faces some serious challenges. Personnel, fundraising, messaging, they will all be aspects of his campaign operation that will have to get moving in a hurry in order to mount a serious challenge to Connie Mack IV. If he some how wins the primary, he’ll get the party on his side for the general election against long time incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson.

There has been a hunger for another candidate for the last couple of weeks. You might recall CFO Jeff Atwater considering a run before declining. Possibly due to the obstacles Weldon will have to negotiate on a micro-sized timetable.

As for the ad? Well, it’s not very good.

They couldn’t get any footage of Weldon declaring himself? The running theme is bizarre. There is Blatant pandering of the Tea Party halfway through. Same old voice over, same old rhetoric.

It looks like the trailer for a B-spy film and is the strangest ad I’ve seen this year that didn’t involve an older man taking a drag from a cigarette.

A awkward ad on a Friday afternoon is not the best way to announce your candidacy.

Still, this is hardly Weldon’s first rodeo. If the hunger was there for another candidate then there has to be some chance to be competitive. Let’s see where his young campaign goes.