Can Romney really beat Obama in Florida? Latest Q Poll says Yes

Wow, it looks like we’ve got a race.

The latest Quinnipiac poll has Mitt Romney up by six in the Sunshine State and the lead jumps up to eight points with a Senator Marco Rubio VP nod. This means so many things that we’re going to use an entire post to break it down.

So, why is Romney ahead in Florida?

Because we’ve accepted him and boring might be better

It wasn’t as hard here in Florida where Republicans let Romney cruise to a double digit primary win over Newt Gingrich but, all Floridians are starting to prefer the boring former Massachusetts Governor’s careful approach with economic recovery. And in Florida where unemployment is higher than the national average, we’re not sold on the President’s progress.

The President’s ads aren’t working and Romney’s are:

Take a look at Romney’s first general election ad.

Low hanging fruit. Jobs, tax cuts for job creators, and replacing an unpopular healthcare plan.

It’s also what he didn’t do, like passing on that ridiculous Jeremiah Wright angle.

The President has gone with the Bain attack strategy and it hasn’t worked. In fact, the latest Corey Booker blowback has all but sunk that avenue of attack for the President.

The President’s stance on Gay Marriage hasn’t responded well:

The poll states that Obama’s support of Gay Marriage makes Independents less likely to vote for him.

Vice-President Biden didn’t do his boss any favors by putting President Obama in a position that forced him to roll his support in a rushed and uncalculated fashion, that made it look like the President was pandering.

Just like the Bain attack strategy. it all but takes this social issue out of play.

Rubio-mania is running wild and this poll might take him out of consideration for VP:

What? Doesn’t the lead go up to 8 points with Rubio?

It does but 6 points might be enough of a lead that it convinces the Romney campaign to pick Ohio Senator Rob Portman or New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte over Rubio.

Why take one Battleground state when you can have two?

Will a lead in Florida take Rubio out of VP Consideration?

We’ve still got a long way to go:

One bad debate performance, a few mistakes on the trail, a clumsy VP or VP nominee move and this lead could flip or extend.

Game On in Florida.