Weldon for Senate: Because he’s got little to lose?

Hardly the ideal catchphrase for a new Florida Senate campaign but, after one week of being in the race, it’s the first take away we have from former Brevard Congressman Dave Weldon first major media hit.

In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel Weldon acknowledges that the odds against him are big and then comes the stinger.

“You can’t win if you don’t throw your hat in the ring. And I have very little to lose. If I do lose, I can go back to my practice,”

Then why? Why even lace up the gloves if you’re walking into the contest with that philosophy.

Connie Mack IV is the current frontrunner and that should remain the same. The latest Q-Poll numbers have him lapping former Senator George Lemieux in the GOP primary and neck and neck with current longtime Senator Bill Nelson. Lemieux has thrown every kind of attack imaginable at Mack IV and nothing sticks. Weldon entering the race could be the end for the candidate that hasn’t been able to shake the specter of former Governor Charlie Crist.

Weldon will have to get his campaign up and moving five minutes ago if he has any intentions of being competitive and if he does it means that Mack IV has to spend more to get through this primary that at this point is his to lose.

Still, Weldon is going to give it a shot. “I have very little to lose” is the attitude you want to have when asking out the popular girl in a college English Lit class, not when running for United States Senate.

Weldon’s first outing in the media since declaring his candidacy lacked the fire in the belly