Buddy’s Big Week: Mayor Dyer’s PR Operation Delivers

This why people run for office to begin with.

To be an ambassador to the people, to lead the community to prosperity, to wield the power of public office to leave the district or city in a better state than when you arrived.

And all of the fun stuff that comes along with it.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer had a banner week full of spectacular photo opportunities and awareness initiatives with a the Citrus Bowl as a it’s centerpiece. All of this with a tropical storm tossing and turning in the Gulf.

Let’s start with that Citrus Bowl. Last Sunday, the Orlando Sentinel broke the story that Dyer had struck a deal with Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs over renovations for the 76 year old stadium.


Everyone rolled their eyes when they heard that the Citrus Bowl needed to be renovated immediately. More money, needed right now, for the venues. Understandably, Orange County Mayor Jacobs was among the most skeptical of this request. She already had to audit the books for the new performing arts center last year, and now Dyer wanted to talk Bowl renovations. The City of Orlando couldn’t take the financial risk by itself and needed backing from the County. After the threat of losing bowl games and major events became a possibility, Jacobs finally agreed.

Orlando and Orange County will most likely keep it’s bowl games (and the millions generated) as well as remain competitive for future national events.

Mayor Dyer gets that political trophy in 2014, just in time for whatever his next political move might be.


Dyer could have called the week a winner after Monday but it was just the beginning. Tuesday brought PR gold in the form of a photo opportunity of Dyer and City Commissioner Patty Sheehan releasing Black Neck Swans into their new home at Lake Eola Park

A kinder, gentler Mayor of Orlando.


What good are venues if you can’t fill the seats year around? Dyer welcomed the new Orlando Solar Bears coach on Wednesday. The minor league hockey team is returning to Orlando and will fill those gaps between concerts and Magic road trips. If Dwight Howard leaves, we’re going to need all the help we can get.


Dyer sent out advisories on social media in the wake of scammers calling Orlando residents posing as OUC representatives in an attempt to fish credit card numbers for false purchases.

All jokes aside this initiative was terrific use of social media that could spare Orlando residents a lot of heartbreak

So, what does all of this mean?

Well, first off these events are a lot of work. So, the Mayor’s PR/Outreach teams made big plays this week. All of these events got pop in the press and all of them flex the resources of the city, from world class sporting events to keeping residents safe from cybercrime.

Except for a few grunts about the Citrus Bowl, the rest were easy political victories, all lined up, one behind the other. This is how you win re-election by a landslide.

And how you continue to fuel speculations and set the stage for any “higher office” plans….

Saturday Morning Political Headlines: Lexus Toll Lanes on I4?

Happy Saturday.

Everyone has shut it down for the weekend after what has been a hectic few days.

Health care, Holder, Straw poll drama, and local primaries heating up.

Today, a lot of syndicated content. How do you guys feel about Lexus Lanes on I4?

It could happen and that story leads your Saturday morning political headlines.

Orlando Sentinel: I-4 toll lanes edging closer to reality

WOFL FOX 35: Fla. Gov. doubtful about expanding Medicaid

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News
: (VIDEO) Reality Check: Romney ads respond to Obama’s

CF News 13: Gov. Rick Scott visiting Pasco to tour storm damage

WKMG Local 6: (CNN) (Video) Rubio: People may have I.R.S. problem

WESH 2: (CNN) Little payoff for health care ruling ads

Will TOLL be added to this sign?

Health Care Ruling should energize GOP heading into November.

Yesterday was epic.

While doing analysis of the Supreme Court’s ruling over the President’s health care plan or “Obamacare” I had the opportunity to speak with former Florida Attorney General Bill McCullom minutes after the decision came down 5-4 in favor of upholding the law. I asked McCullom what advice would he have for the GOP moving forward. He was obviously very disappointed, he led this lawsuit that 25 other states would fall behind and, now out of office had to watch Chief Justice John Roberts go against the grain on what was his last major push in public service.

Minutes later, current Attorney General Pam Bondi was at the podium with the same script many Republicans were running with yesterday. Disappointment but, vowing to continue the fight.

Other Florida lawmakers shot out emails and tweets, Mica, Adams, Webster then, Marco Rubio with a different angle pointing out that the court ruled it was constitutional, not that it was right.

Then came Mitt Romney, he spoke for about 15 minutes and checked every block on the list. If they wanted to repeal “Obamacare” then they would have to replace Barack Obama.

He raised 3.2 million dollars yesterday.

Locally, Republicans were rallying around the decision and if there was ever an enthusiasm gap with Romney as the GOP Presidential nominee, it was filled with the ruling that came down yesterday from the Supreme Court.

A much needed boot to the rear of sleeping supporters and donors of the Republican party.

Both sides have been scoring points. There was Scott Walker‘s win in Wisconsin, Obama’s push at NALEO, Eric Holder‘s fumbling of Fast and Furious, then finally yesterday’s healthcare ruling. The economy will win the election but, the high drama on that hectic Thursday afternoon in June will get volunteers pounding the pavement.

“Romney equals repeal!”

It will affect other races too. How will this ruling swing primaries in both parties? How will House and Senate Candidates piggyback on this decision? We’ll see.

McCullom answered my question by saying that lawmakers have a major fight ahead of them. Yesterday’s decision should add plenty of fuel to the fire.

Florida AG Pam Bondi knows the only card left to play in a repeal of the President’s Health Care plan is a Mitt Romney victory

Friday Morning Political Headlines: Health Care Fallout

Sheesh, yesterday was something else. Only Ron Burgundy could explain it better.

What was expected to be a dull ruling that would have removed the individual mandate from the President’s Health Care Plan turned into a complete upholding of the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare”

Chief Justice John Roberts stunned the country voting in favor of the plan.

A major news outlet broke the wrong verdict too soon.

Florida CFO Jeff Atwater sent out the wrong press release and won’t be hearing the end of it anytime soon.

And poor Ann Curry.

This leads to a well deserved Friday that will hopefully lead into a relaxing weekend for everyone! Here are your morning headlines:

CF News 13: Supreme Court upholds Obama health law

WOFL FOX 35: (VIDEO) Supreme Court upholds individual mandate as tax

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (AP) Campaign impact: Obama, Romney seize on ruling

WKMG Local 6: Dyer to give Solar Bears key to the city

WESH 2: (CNN)Health care ruling gives GOP new attack line

Orlando Sentinel: Scott Maxwell- From VA hospital to maglev train, watch what they say

Thursday Morning Political Headlines: Healthcare Judgement Day

Very busy this morning, have a great day!

Here are your Thursday morning political headlines:

CF News 13: Doctors, public await Supreme Court health care ruling

Orlando Sentinel: Supreme Court to deliver Obama healthcare law ruling

WKMG Local 6: (CNN) All eyes on Supreme Court for health care ruling

WESH 2: Health care law: What’s up for debate

WOFL Fox 35: Judge refuses to block Florida voter purge

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (AP) Ten Things to know for Thursday

How will the Supreme Court Rule?