Hello Wisconsin! How Walker’s win helped Rick Scott

Scott Walker survived a recall vote in Wisconsin this evening and the glasses will klink for Republican organizations everywhere as the victory not only preserves a conservative rising star but swings the momentum in Mitt Romney’s favor as we move towards November.

Yes, it would help Paul Ryan, who’s VP stock will rise after this as Republicans try to capitalize on this newly added swing state but there is someone much closer to him that will breathe a little easier after tonight.

Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Has there been any two Governors with more in common since elected? After Walker was elected “big labor” stormed the capital and immediately put this recall into motion. The balance had been upset and had to be stopped. Walker was cutting everything in sight and threw union bargaining agreements out the window.

Of course, all of you know what Rick Scott’s first 100 days in office were like. You had the dueling “Awake the State” vs. “Save the State” rallies. Scott was going to make teachers and other unionized professions pay into their own retirement funds out of their own salaries. Don’t forget other policies Democrats saw as attacks on their lifestyle like Teacher Merit Pay, and Drug Testing Welfare recipients. Both Walker and Scott had whether the barrage of criticism.

Walker dealt with recall. Scott well he has to deal with a number. %31, his approval rating.

Tonight could be a game changer. Could this recall convince those who have abandoned Scott to give him a second chance? Wisconsin has a small surplus and a 6.7 unemployment rate. 6.7! The guv couldn’t possibly make that happen, could he?

The electorate will be watching. As well as potential Democratic challengers Nan Rich, Dan Gelber, Buddy Dyer, and perhaps, just maybe, Charlie Crist who, beats Scott in a hypothetical poll.

The Cheeseheads in the mid-west might have breathed new life into Rick Scott’s re-election bid. He can tour the state aligning his policies with Walkers, and letting his team drop the vindicated Governor’s name here and there. I can see the quote now ” Governor Scott’s policies mirror Scott Walker’s policies and they’ve seen unemployment steadily drop. We can do likewise”.

It was a historic night in Wisconsin tonight and it might be a turning point in Rick Scott’s first term. What can he do with this momentum?

Walker’s victory could be Scott’s opportunity