Political Stocks: Who’s Up, Who’s Down in O-town. Contenders or Pretenders Edition

It’s time for another edition of Political Stocks and we’ve got a set field here in Florida. Gone are the “pretenders” who take up valuable time at meetings and luncheons with phony campaigns. By now you’ve either sweated your tail off collecting petitions or paid the necessary fees to get in the game. Let’s go!

Who’s Up:

Connie Mack IV: How big has the last week been for Mack IV? He rolled out an endorsement from Jeb Bush and he declared the race over by turning down debate requests. This would be crazy if he didn’t have such a large lead in the polls. Barring a historic collapse by the Mack IV team, he’s going to be the nominee. Still, will he be ready for a debate with longtime incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson?

Oh, and yesterday Florida AG Pam Bondi endorsed him.

Bondi endorsed Mack IV this week. Mack also introduced Romney at his Orlando Rally Tuesday.

Stephen Precourt, Scott Boyd, Mike Ertel: Precourt’s primary opponent Matt Falconer failed to file, which put’s him in the General with a Write In candidate as his only opposition. Orange County Commissioner Scott Boyd will keep his seat in District 1. Boyd flexed fundraising muscle early on and scared away any potential rivals. Finally, one of the good guys in Central Florida Politics, Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Mike Ertel was re-elected without opposition. The hardworking SOE enjoys Pro-Wrestling, and cares more about local voters than most of will ever know. Good for Seminole County.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer/Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs
: The two trade jabs in the press on a regular basis and have night and day political philosophies but, the two mayors held a public meeting and were able to reach a tentative agreement that will finally get the Citrus Bowl renovated. This is a political rivalry that his healthy for the region.

Holding Steady:

John Mica and Sandy Adams: Their much hyped debate this week didn’t meet expectations and wasn’t the turning point in the campaign that many expected. Onward for these two incumbents in one of the biggest congressional primaries in the country.

Who’s Down

Grover Norquist: That’s right Mr. Norquist, Jeb Bush dissed your anti-tax pledge in the national media, saying it was outsourcing your principles. You didn’t have a strong reply and called his opinion embarrassing. We’ll see how far insulting the Bush brand will get you on the national scene. There is a growing faction of lawmakers that feel the same way.

Earl K. Wood and Rich Crotty: Their political game of chicken in the Orange County Tax Collector’s race has been called many things. Funny, ridiculous, irresponsible, but the blowback was mostly negative and now it looks like Wood will be re-elected. The 95 year old will collect a healthy six figure salary from the taxpayers and stay home.

Former Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty needs to take up golf or something. His posture in all of this was bizarre.