George Lemieux Drops Out of Senate Race

Former Florida Senator George Lemieux dropped out of the GOP Senate primary this morning. Here is the message he released to supporters.

Good form by Lemieux. When Connie Mack IV jumped into the race he raced up the polls and the field never stood a chance.

Adam Hasner, and Craig Miller immediately checked down to House races (something Lemeiux should consider if he really wants to go back to Washington) and only the former Senator stood to oppose him.

He threw every possible attack at Mack IV. His attendance in Washington, his residency in Florida, even his wild past that had Lemieux calling him the “Charlie Sheen of Politics”.

Nothing stuck, in fact Mack IV lead in the polls only grew. Then the endorsements came. First the establishment. Former candidate and Senate President Mike Haridopolos, and a slew of other state legislators.

Then Tea Party Favorites, like Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul.

Finally the year’s biggest name, Presidential GOP nominee Mitt Romney, who Mack IV campaigned with during his FL primary, threw his support behind his candidacy.

The race was already over when “The Jeb Bomb” dropped almost two weeks ago.

Lemieux will return to the private sector and will still be a factor in state politics moving forward. He can walk away knowing that he gave it all he had and the electorate still spoke clearly.

Throwing his support behind Mack IV was good form, that’s not automatic these days.

Onward to November. Connie Mack faces a great challenge against incumbent Bill Nelson and with the President Obama on the ballot, it’s going to be a bare knuckle brawl of a contest.

Lemieux can walk away knowing he did everything he could