In Veepstakes, Who is Best Debate Matchup for Biden? Part I

With so many names being thrown around in Mitt Romney’s search for a running mate. Even candidates with little to no chance of being selected, can’t get through an interview without answering the question “Would you run with Mitt Romney, if you were asked” and they all reply with the same answer delivered in a different fashion. From the angry “no let’s move on” from Wisconsin Rep and Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan to the reluctant refusal from New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte that she has a difficult time selling at times.

Still, Romney’s choice will have to stand across the stage from Vice President Joe Biden in a nationally televised debate and will be expected to perform much better that Sarah Palin did four years ago. Heck, with the race this tight they’ll be expected to argue better than John McCain who’s debate highlights in 08′ consisted of the Arizona Senator walking laps around the President.

Mitt Romney’s selection will have to be a fire-baller who can get the crowd excited and blare out any Biden rhetoric or an “Obi Wan Kenobi” type that can lull the Vice-President into a poor debate. A rational “These aren’t the economic solutions your looking for” delivery that aren’t so much a mind trick as they are a patient explanation of what Obama’s first term hasn’t done.

Let’s break it down.

Forget Jeb Bush, who doesn’t want the job and eliminated any wiggle room and Condi Rice who said “There is no way she would do it” this morning. That’s a shame they both would have done well. We’ve also got to include Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, who has also pushed away all VP talk vigorously.

Poor Matchups:

S.C Nikki Haley and NH Senator Kelly Ayotte: Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a sample size of tape on these two to believe they would be better versed than Palin but, they haven’t demonstrated any strong policy knowledge to outflank the Vice-President, Biden would try to steer the conversation to Foreign Policy, a subject neither have any hard experience on.

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty: This is cause for concern because some believe T-Paw is the frontrunner in the Veepstakes right now and he’s been making the rounds on the talkers as a surrogate for Romney, but do you guys remember this?

It would be easier to “throw” on the Biden but, he’s too much of a liability.

Former Senator Rick Santorum: This isn’t a primary and Santorum’s strength was social issues with evangelical conservatives. He might be the opposite of Pawlenty, too bold. And he’s got zero “pull” with independent voters and center-left Democrats. It would be good theater, he’s a hot-head like Biden but, that’s not what Romney needs.

Comeback next week when will talk about the unsure debate match-ups between VP Hopefuls and the Vice-President.