Friday Morning Political Headlines: Health Care Fallout

Sheesh, yesterday was something else. Only Ron Burgundy could explain it better.

What was expected to be a dull ruling that would have removed the individual mandate from the President’s Health Care Plan turned into a complete upholding of the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare”

Chief Justice John Roberts stunned the country voting in favor of the plan.

A major news outlet broke the wrong verdict too soon.

Florida CFO Jeff Atwater sent out the wrong press release and won’t be hearing the end of it anytime soon.

And poor Ann Curry.

This leads to a well deserved Friday that will hopefully lead into a relaxing weekend for everyone! Here are your morning headlines:

CF News 13: Supreme Court upholds Obama health law

WOFL FOX 35: (VIDEO) Supreme Court upholds individual mandate as tax

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (AP) Campaign impact: Obama, Romney seize on ruling

WKMG Local 6: Dyer to give Solar Bears key to the city

WESH 2: (CNN)Health care ruling gives GOP new attack line

Orlando Sentinel: Scott Maxwell- From VA hospital to maglev train, watch what they say