Health Care Ruling should energize GOP heading into November.

Yesterday was epic.

While doing analysis of the Supreme Court’s ruling over the President’s health care plan or “Obamacare” I had the opportunity to speak with former Florida Attorney General Bill McCullom minutes after the decision came down 5-4 in favor of upholding the law. I asked McCullom what advice would he have for the GOP moving forward. He was obviously very disappointed, he led this lawsuit that 25 other states would fall behind and, now out of office had to watch Chief Justice John Roberts go against the grain on what was his last major push in public service.

Minutes later, current Attorney General Pam Bondi was at the podium with the same script many Republicans were running with yesterday. Disappointment but, vowing to continue the fight.

Other Florida lawmakers shot out emails and tweets, Mica, Adams, Webster then, Marco Rubio with a different angle pointing out that the court ruled it was constitutional, not that it was right.

Then came Mitt Romney, he spoke for about 15 minutes and checked every block on the list. If they wanted to repeal “Obamacare” then they would have to replace Barack Obama.

He raised 3.2 million dollars yesterday.

Locally, Republicans were rallying around the decision and if there was ever an enthusiasm gap with Romney as the GOP Presidential nominee, it was filled with the ruling that came down yesterday from the Supreme Court.

A much needed boot to the rear of sleeping supporters and donors of the Republican party.

Both sides have been scoring points. There was Scott Walker‘s win in Wisconsin, Obama’s push at NALEO, Eric Holder‘s fumbling of Fast and Furious, then finally yesterday’s healthcare ruling. The economy will win the election but, the high drama on that hectic Thursday afternoon in June will get volunteers pounding the pavement.

“Romney equals repeal!”

It will affect other races too. How will this ruling swing primaries in both parties? How will House and Senate Candidates piggyback on this decision? We’ll see.

McCullom answered my question by saying that lawmakers have a major fight ahead of them. Yesterday’s decision should add plenty of fuel to the fire.

Florida AG Pam Bondi knows the only card left to play in a repeal of the President’s Health Care plan is a Mitt Romney victory