EOCC East Side Hob Nob and Straw Poll Results 2012

Tropical Storm Debby took an evening off on the East Side of Orlando yesterday and it was enough of a break from the stormy weather to allow candidates from all of the races in Orange and Seminole County to come together and meet with voters at the EOCC East Side Hob Nob and Straw Poll.

Attendees were treated to BBQ and political conversation with almost every candidate that will be on a ballot in the region. The straw poll featured races from all offices, from President, down to the lesser known judicial and commission races.

So many pictures and results, let’s get right to it!

Candidates from all races converged on Bright House Stadium last night

The catered dinner and announcement location

Thanks to the sponsors that make it possible

Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Mike Ertel and his team did another great job with the Straw Poll

Candidate Photos and Links to websites. If I didn’t get yours, send me an email.

Amy Lockhart Seminole County School Board:

Andy Gardiner State Senate

Sean Ashby for Florida House of Representatives, District 50

Bill Donegan Orange County Property Appraiser

Blaise Trettis for Public Defender

Brenda Carey for Seminole County Commission

Pete Clarke for Orange County Commission District 3

Andrew Cameron for Judge

Rene “Coach P” Plasencia for State House 49

Jaimon Perry for Seminole County Judge

David Simmons for State Senate

Don Epps for Seminole County Commission, District 3

Jim Earp for Circuit Court Judge 18/26

Eric Lasso Orange County Commission 3

FairTax in the House.

Franklin Perez for Florida House of Representatives, District 28

Geraldine F. Thompson for State Senate, District 12

Gina Duncan for Orange County Commission 5

Jeff Dowdy for Seminole County Judge

Jeff Ashton- Orange, Osceola State Attorney

Jerry Demings- Orange County Sheriff

Joe Saunders Florida State House 49

John Bush for Florida House of Representatives, District 28

John Tegg- Orange County Sherriff

Kathleen Gallagher McIver for Seminole County Commission, District 3

Keith White for Circuit Court Judge 9/27

Lawson Lamar: Orange-Osceola State Attorney

Lee Constantine for Seminole County Commissioner, District 3

Leon B. Cheek III for Orange County Judge

Lydia Pisano- Orange County District 3 Commission

Pedro Malaret for Circuit Court Judge 9/42

Marco Pena for Florida State House 49

John Mica for Congress

Mike Greene for Orange County Sheriff

Pete Clarke for Orange County Commission 3

Phil Archer- Seminole, Brevard State Attorney

Antoinette Plogstedt for Orange County Judge

Ken Rhoden for Public Defender, Brevard Seminole Counties

Rick Singh for Orange County Property Appraiser

Sandy Adams for Congress

Scott Plakon for Florida House of Representatives, District 30

Todd Long for Congress

Vicki Vargo for Orange County Tax Collector

East Side Hob Nob Straw Poll Winners:

Amy Lockhart wins Seminole County School Board D4 straw poll

Andy Gardiner wins Florida State Senate D13 straw poll

Belvin Perry wins Judge 9 Group 3 Straw Poll

Bill Cowles wins Orange County Supervisor of Electons (teasing) straw poll:

Bill Donegan wins Orange County Property Appraisers straw poll

Bill Posey wins Congressional District 8 Straw Poll

Bob Brooks wins Florida House District 47 Straw Poll

Brenda Carey wins Seminole County Commission Group 5 Straw Poll

Jason Brodeur wins Florida House District 28 Straw Poll

Andrew Cameron wins Orange Judge Straw Poll

Connie Mack IV wins Senate Straw Poll

Lee Constantine Wins Seminole County Commission Group 3 Straw Poll

Lui Damiani wins Orange County Commission District 3 Straw Poll

Dan Webster wins CD 8 Straw Poll

David Simmons wins Florida State Senate D10 Straw Poll

Jeff Dowdy wins Seminole County Judge Group 2 Straw Poll

Eric Dubois wins straw poll

Tom Goodson wins Florida House D50 straw poll

Fritz Seide wins Florida Senate D12 straw poll

Jim Earp wins Straw Poll

Jim Huckeba wins Orange County Tax Collector Straw Poll

John Mica wins Florida CD 7 Straw Poll

John “Q” Quinones wins Florida CD 9 Straw Poll

John Tegg wins Orange County Sheriff Straw Poll

Keith White wins Judge straw poll

Lawson Lamar wins Orange-Osceola State Attorney Straw Poll:

Marco Pena wins Florida House District 49 Straw Poll

Mitt Romney wins Presidential Straw Poll

Phil Archer wins Seminole-Brevard State Attorney Straw Poll

Scott Plakon wins Florida House D30 Straw Poll

Antoinette Plogstedt wins Judge Straw Poll

Ken Rhoden wins Public Defender straw poll

Ted Edwards wins Orange County Commission District 5 straw poll

Tim Shea wins Judge straw poll

“Abogado” William Mcbride wins Florida Senate D14 straw poll


A terrific event and I’d like to thank EOCC for the hospitality. If you’re hosting a hob nob or running for office, I want to talk to you! Send me an email.

Wednesday Morning Political Headlines: Black Swans at Eola, Orlando VA Hospital Delays lead to finger pointing

This week has been PR gold for Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and it’s only Wednesday.

The beginning of the week had the rumored Gubernatorial candidate coming to terms on renovations for the Citrus Bowl renovations with Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs; A move that will keep the venue competitive for national events and temporarily halt questions over his ability to work with Jacobs and on Tuesday he showed his kinder and gentler side releasing two black swans into Lake Eola. A photo opportunity most politicians would shout for.

Two days, two wins.

The real credit goes to Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan who purchased the swans and has also sponsored the city’s growing Urban Chicken program that allows city residents the chance to house two “fowl” creatures (see what I did there?).

Perhaps Dyer could advise the Department of Veterans affairs and the contractors behind the delays of the Orlando VA Hospital. Today we’ve got more bad news over the finger pointing that has delayed the badly needed facility that has thousands of Veterans waiting.

In other more serious political news, we’ve got video content on poll closings in Osceola County, and poll numbers that have President Obama ahead in Florida over Mitt Romney on the eve of the controversial health care ruling.

These stories lead your Wednesday morning political headlines.

WESH 2: (VIDEO) Black swans released in Lake Eola

Orlando Sentinel: VA, contractor try to sort out Orlando hospital delay

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (VIDEO) Some question closing of polling places in Osceola County

CF News 13: Swing state poll shows support for Obama

WKMG Local 6: Seminole County to vote on property tax increase

WOFL Fox 35: (AP) Obama to host White House picnic for lawmakers

The two swans released on Tuesday should have more freedom than this one photographed last year.

In Veepstakes, Who is Best Debate Matchup for Biden? Part I

With so many names being thrown around in Mitt Romney’s search for a running mate. Even candidates with little to no chance of being selected, can’t get through an interview without answering the question “Would you run with Mitt Romney, if you were asked” and they all reply with the same answer delivered in a different fashion. From the angry “no let’s move on” from Wisconsin Rep and Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan to the reluctant refusal from New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte that she has a difficult time selling at times.

Still, Romney’s choice will have to stand across the stage from Vice President Joe Biden in a nationally televised debate and will be expected to perform much better that Sarah Palin did four years ago. Heck, with the race this tight they’ll be expected to argue better than John McCain who’s debate highlights in 08′ consisted of the Arizona Senator walking laps around the President.

Mitt Romney’s selection will have to be a fire-baller who can get the crowd excited and blare out any Biden rhetoric or an “Obi Wan Kenobi” type that can lull the Vice-President into a poor debate. A rational “These aren’t the economic solutions your looking for” delivery that aren’t so much a mind trick as they are a patient explanation of what Obama’s first term hasn’t done.

Let’s break it down.

Forget Jeb Bush, who doesn’t want the job and eliminated any wiggle room and Condi Rice who said “There is no way she would do it” this morning. That’s a shame they both would have done well. We’ve also got to include Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, who has also pushed away all VP talk vigorously.

Poor Matchups:

S.C Nikki Haley and NH Senator Kelly Ayotte: Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a sample size of tape on these two to believe they would be better versed than Palin but, they haven’t demonstrated any strong policy knowledge to outflank the Vice-President, Biden would try to steer the conversation to Foreign Policy, a subject neither have any hard experience on.

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty: This is cause for concern because some believe T-Paw is the frontrunner in the Veepstakes right now and he’s been making the rounds on the talkers as a surrogate for Romney, but do you guys remember this?

It would be easier to “throw” on the Biden but, he’s too much of a liability.

Former Senator Rick Santorum: This isn’t a primary and Santorum’s strength was social issues with evangelical conservatives. He might be the opposite of Pawlenty, too bold. And he’s got zero “pull” with independent voters and center-left Democrats. It would be good theater, he’s a hot-head like Biden but, that’s not what Romney needs.

Comeback next week when will talk about the unsure debate match-ups between VP Hopefuls and the Vice-President.

Tuesday Morning Political Headlines: Citrus Bowl Press Conference Coverage

Has (Tropical Storm) “Debby Downer” washed out the beginning of your week?

Mine too.

Still, political events in Orlando march on and today we’ve got a complete wrap up of the Citrus Bowl press conference with Mayors Buddy Dyer and Teresa Jacobs. They reached a deal yesterday that would allow renovations to take place on the aging stadium and allow it to remain competitive for attracting national events.

That story leads off your Tuesday Morning Political Headlines. Stay dry!


WKMG Local 6: (VIDEO) Jacobs, Dyer sign deal on Citrus Bowl renovation

WESH 2: (VIDEO) Changes coming to Florida Citrus Bowl

WOFL Fox 35: New deal struck for Citrus Bowl renovation project

Orlando Sentinel: Mayors: Citrus Bowl renovation deal will help stadium compete for high-profile events

CF News 13: Get help from News 13′s Voter Helpline

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (AP) High court limits state action on immigration

The two Mayors were able to reach an agreement that would allow renovations to take place on the aging Citrus Bowl


NBC- Obama heads south to raise campaign cash

WTSP 10 News- 10 News Investigators discover Florida Poly trustee applications with questionable ties and lies

WTVT FOX Tampa Bay- The RNC’s evacuation plan

Bay News 9:-Gov. Scott declares state of emergency as Debby nears Florida


6 NBC- President Obama in Metro Miami For 2 Fundraisers Tuesday

CBS Miami- President Obama Coming To Miami Beach For Fundraiser

Local 10 - Issa slams Obama over Fast and Furious executive privilege

WSVN 7 News- Obama heads South to raise campaign cash


News 4 JAX- Immigration reform back to square one

47 WTEV Jax- Rice on VP: ‘There is no way that I will do this’

FCN- Romney says he wished court gave states ‘latitute’ on immigration

FOX WAWS 30: Candidate Officially Changes Name to Web Address

Monday Morning Political Headlines: Jacobs, Dyer reach Citrus Bowl Deal. Press Conference Today

Happy Monday! How’s that rain treating you?

Yeah, same for me. I set records for low productivity yesterday. Let’s get going.

Today, the two most powerful political figures in Central Florida will hold a joint press conference to announce their plans for much needed renovations to the Citrus Bowl. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs have finally set the details that would keep the venue competitive in the Bowl competition process without breaking the bank.

This was reported last night by the Orlando Sentinel and it saves us from a Monday of boring syndicated content.

It’s also the only time you’ll see a Gator (Dyer) and a Seminole (Jacobs) celebrating together at the same stadium at the same time.

Stay dry, here are your Monday Morning Political Headlines.

Orlando Sentinel: Dyer, Jacobs cut deal on how to revive Citrus Bowl

WKMG Local 6: (VIDEO) Jacobs, Dyer to discuss Citrus Bowl renovations

WESH 2: Have Jacobs, Dyer reached Citrus Bowl deal?

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Officials to announce Citrus Bowl renovation plans

CF News 13: Looking for Mitt and Rick together

WOFL Fox 35: Poll: Election winner won’t impact economy much

Construction will begin around 2014


NBC- RNC might sack opening of Hillsborough football season

WTSP 10 News- School closures around the area

ACTION News- Poll: Presidential election winner won’t impact economy much

WTVT FOX Tampa Bay- Romney talks economy, immigration in speech to Hispanics

Bay News 9 Domestic registry applications accepted today


6 NBC- Obama, Congress Brace for Health Care Ruling

CBS Miami- Tolls Raised On Turnpike, Other State Toll Roads

Local 10 - Driving South Florida roads will cost more

WSVN 7 News- Obama to make So. Fla. stop


News 4 JAX- Congress ready for health care decisions — then it gets tricky

47 WTEV Jax- Poll: Election winner won’t affect economy much

FCN- COJ looking at buying $19,000 in Jaguars tickets, but who will foot the bill?

FOX WAWS 30: Turkey calls for special meeting over Syria