Tuesday Morning Political Headlines: Obama visits Rollins College on Thursday

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Good Morning,

Today’s biggest headline involves President Barack Obama returning to Florida to finish his Sunshine State Swing. The President’s last visit was cut short due to the tragic shootings in Aurora Colorado.

Rollins College will once again be the planned venue. Prepare for long delays Thursday afternoon as the POTUS motorcade rolls down two laned fairbanks en route the College which sits in the heart of a region which can already be difficult to navigate at times.

A constant presence in Florida is absolutely essential to winning in November. The President’s campaign will have weekly visitors in the I4 corridor from now until election day and with August upon us, volunteers from both his campaign and his opponent Mitt Romney will hit the streets.

Romney’s big moment will come later in August with the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

This story leads your Tuesday morning political headlines.

CF News 13: Obama reschedules Orlando trip for Thursday

Orlando Sentinel: Obama trip to Rollins rescheduled for Thursday

WKMG Local 6: President Obama to travel to Orlando Thursday

WESH 2: Obama visit to Orlando rescheduled

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Early voting begins in 5 counties in Fla.

WOFL FOX 35: Dems pick first Hispanic for convention keynote

The President’s return to the I4 corridor this week is necessary for victory in November

Ashton Launches TV attacks against Lamar in Orange-Osceola State Attorney Race

It’s been the nastiest race in Central Florida this year and the attacks show no signs of stopping.

Casey Anthony Prosecutor Jeff Ashton has gone to the air in his race against longtime incumbent and his former boss, Lawson Lamar. He launched a radio ad early last week and has taken his platform and attacks to the highest level possible in American Politics. Daytime TV.

Here is Ashton’s television ad.

Let’s put it on the Aww Snap Meter.

Hold up. Is that a real courtroom? I know that place. It’s the courtroom at the Orange County History Center

We know real courtrooms are boring and voters probably won’t notice. Still.

Then we’ve got Jeff in the lab, wearing the same tie. One day shoot (not uncommon). More details, nothing big. The ad is filled with familiar talking points that we’ve heard Ashton say during debates and on the local talkers. Message discipline.

Then we’re thrown off a cliff.

We get a still of Lawson Lamar against the backdrop of something that looks like it’s from the “Saw” movies. Did Bane throw him down there? Then this electric shocking noise, as the ad spends it’s second half attacking the opponent.

Then again this is a small race it’s not suppose to be a hollywood affair and the ad accomplishes it’s mission. Barely.

The political math makes sense. Use Ashton’s name ID from the Casey Anthony trial, book deals, and movie dramatizations, throw in some tv/radio ads to remind the voters and paint an incumbent many casual voters might not remember, as the bad guy.

Is it going to work? We’ll see. The ad? Not very impressive.

Starts off with some solid talking points but the dark turn the ad takes is laughable

Monday Morning Political Headlines: Calm Before the Storm

It’s Monday morning, and as far as political headlines go, a slow one.

Enjoy it, We’ve got President Barack Obama in town on Thursday, and attack ads and mailers hitting boxes this week.

All in one last effort to reach voters before early voting starts next week. We’re also going to be on Romney VP watch for the next couple of weeks. The Republican nominee is expected to announce his pick soon.

Have a great day and check back tonight. These quiet moments are going to be few over the next couple of months.

WKMG Local 6: (CNN) Possible VP picks campaign for Romney

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Candidates look overseas for campaign cash

WESH 2: (CNN) Bill Clinton to play prominent role at Democratic Convention

CF News 13: After two years of no action, ethics complaint dropped against Rubio

WOFL Fox 35: (AP) Obama welcomes new ambassadors

Orlando Sentinel: GOP finds big spenders in legislative battles

Sunday Morning Political Headlines: More Mica-Adams, Romney in Israel, Rubio’s plane problems

Good Morning,

Your Sunday morning political headlines lead off with Mitt Romney‘s visit to Israel. This important visit for the Republican nominee is the second part of his international swing that saw him in London for the Summer Olympics.

It’s also a two minute warning of sorts for a Running mate announcement.

One of those lawmakers in the running include Florida Senator Marco Rubio. The Senator had to stop twice while campaigning for Romney out west because of mechanical problems with aircraft. It’s a good sign that Rubio is still a possibility in the Veepstakes but can we get the man a decent airplane?

That and the Orlando Sentinel features an endorsement in the Mica-Adams race. Have a great day.

Orlando Sentinel: Double Play

Mica’s earned GOP nod

Adams-Mica primary cast as fight for soul of Republican Party

CF News 13: Political Connections- Candidates for Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey (R) and Todd Maddox (R)

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Plane carrying Rubio makes emergency landing in NM

WKMG Local 6: (Video) Congressman John Mica appears on ‘Flashpoint’

WOFL FOX 35: In Israel, Mitt Romney stops at Jewish holy site

WESH 2: In Israel, Romney to issue Iran clear warning

Interview with Sean Ashby running for State House District 50

It’s been a great election cycle for interviews and if you’re running for office, I want to talk to you!

Recently, I had the chance to ask Sean Ashby some questions about his campaign for State House in District 50. Ashby was one of the candidates that participated in the Florida’s people, Florida’s promise forum earlier this week. Here’s what he had to say

FT: How is the campaign going? What is the number one concern you’re hearing from the voters?

Ashby: The campaign is going great, largely due to to the amount of people who are tired of the current special interest driven lawmaking in Tallahassee. People continue to tell me that they are looking for representatives who are there to look out for the middle class, and not just create polices which benefit the few. So many of the concerns which I hear, focus around jobs and the economy. Voters are looking for leaders who place job creation near the top of their priorities, and vote out incumbents who have voted for job and small business killing policies such as my opponent.

FT: You’re running for State House. What did you think about the last session? What did you like? Was there a law passed or initiative that bothered you?

Ashby: The last two sessions (2011-2012) were extremely troublesome, and policies passed set the state back 20 years. Recently, Florida was ranked the #1 most corrupt state in the US. This was not an opinion poll, but a rank determined by shear numbers. This is a troubling trend, and one which is based on the extreme amounts of money flowing from special interest groups. To prove my point let’s look at two examples. The first is the push to privatize prisons. Millions of dollars have been given to candidates to vote to privatize the prisons, under the auspices that it will save taxpayers money. We only need to look to Arizona, which conducted a study a few years after prisons were privatized, and determined that it actually cost taxpayers more to privatize the prisons, and reduce the public’s safety at the same time. Fortunately the bill was voted down, but the republic leadership hid it in the budget which was passed, and now is being fought in the courts with taxpayers paying the legal bills. The second example, is Associated Industries, an extremely powerful business PAC in Florida. They are passing out millions to candidates to ensure votes in the next session. The president of AIF leading this charge is former Congressman Tom Feeney, three times voted as “one of the most corrupt politicians in Washington”. If Tom was corrupt in Washington with the nation watching, one could only wonder what deals he is making in back rooms with candidates who are accepting his money.

FT: The main reason I wanted this interview was your answer on the state of FCAT testing and education in general from “the Florida’s people, Florida’s promise forum”. You’ve got knowledge on the topic. Can you try to rebuild that answer?

Ashby: Sure, as I mentioned at the forum, standardized testing is a mainstay in education. However the FCAT takes testing to a new level, and has been a huge detriment to our education system. Standardized testing is to determine strengths and weaknesses of a student’s growth, and allow the student’s teacher and parents to craft a plan to raise the students proficiency. However the legislature over the past few years have placed a much higher emphasis on the results. The FCAT is now used many times as the sole tool to determine the effectiveness of teachers, the school, and the district. As such, the teachers, schools, and districts have been forced to emphasize the importance of it, forcing them to eliminate programs that students need to become qualified employees in the workforce. Another serious problem with the FCAT, is the changing criteria which is set after the test is taken to determine the grading scale. Is it fair to our students to require them to take a test, and tell them afterwards how they will be scored? This has led to disastrous results this past school year and must be changed. Florida’s education system needs to return to the idea that we are producing young adults to enter the real world, and at this time we are not. We must focus more on giving students opportunities to see what awaits them outside of the school house gates. Not every student can or will go to college, but we are treating them as such. Public education should be about giving kids opportunities to learn and be better adults, but sadly the current legislature feels differently, and this must change.

FT: Simple question. Why should the voters choose you and not you’re opponent?

Ashby: This election, I hope people look beyond the “D’ or “R” next to somebody’s name and vote for the candidate who is best for the district and for the state. I have dedicated my life to public service, to ensure that all people are able to accomplish their dreams. I am middle class, my opponent is anything but. I am for creating jobs, my opponent killed thousands of jobs in Florida by voting to reduce Florida’s GDP by $1.2 billion in the last 12 months, and counting. I refuse to bow to special interests, my opponent has taken thousands from these groups, including the one run by “One of the most corrupt politicians in Washington” three times running. How many favors does he have to pay off now? I am for assisting small businesses, my opponent voted for an illegal monopoly while on the Canaveral Port Authority preventing the creating and growth of small businesses ending with a $700,000 fine. And finally, I live in the district and have for many years, my opponent does not.

FT: I always like to end interviews with an opportunity to tell the voters something they may not know about you or your campaign. What might that be?

Ashby: As a native Floridian, I have always had a passion for exploring Florida’s opportunities. Whether it’s fishing out of Port Canaveral, scuba diving all up and down the Atlantic, or playing golf virtually in every corner of the state, I am ready to protect it lands and it’s citizens in Tallahassee.

Ashby faces opposition from Tom Goodson.