In Veepstakes, Who is Best Debate Matchup for Biden? Part III

Today, we wrap up our series highlighting the VP Hopefuls and their debate abilities. We’ve matched them up against current Vice-President Joe Biden and the kind of challenge they could present on national television with the whole country watching.

We’ve looked at the unfavorable match-ups. Candidates like Tim Pawlenty, that can’t pull the trigger when face to face on the debate stage. Or Kelly Ayotte or Nikki Haley, both plenty capable but lacking in areas like foreign policy.

We looked that the “uncertain” match-ups. This group had some frontrunners on it. From New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez who, reminds me a lot of Alex Sink, to Ohio Senator Rob Portman and his mild mannered persona. We even added Florida Senator Marco Rubio to that list. Despite his landslide victory in 2010, his debate record only included beating down former Florida Independent Governor Charlie Crist.

Today, it’s time to get serious. Let’s talk about debate match-ups we want to see and Veep potentials that could hand Joe Biden an interpreted defeat.

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan:

On one Sunday morning, I watched Paul Ryan do 3 major talkers answer about 30 questions (about 10 with contested follow-ups) and not fumble once.

He could be the best media trained lawmaker in the country.

These aren’t soft issues either. Ryan’s position as chairman of the budget committee leaves little room for error and he’s talking numbers from sun up until sun down and he communicates his position in a manner that doesn’t anger or alienate.

He’s from Wisconsin, a state that saw Governor Scott Walker beat back a recall vote, and uses just the right combination of facts and finesse when communicating Republican policies.

He would debate circles around the Vice-President and Biden would probably be asking himself “What Happened” afterwards.

Still, Ryan is an unlikely pick as VP. He’s too valuable in the House of Representatives.

Virgina Governor Bob McDonnell

You might not have heard about the Governor from Virginia but he’s got to be in Mitt Romney’s top five for the bottom of the ticket.

Think Rick Perry turned down a notch and without the loss of words and you might reach Bob McDonnell.

Very pragmatic, he’s from a swing state, I’ve watched him in enough contentious news appearances to be convinced he could handle the pressure of a nationally televised debate. Regardless, of whether he’s the choice this year or making a run of his own run for the White House, McDonnell will get a lot of “Pub” and the rest of the country will see what the pundits see.

If you haven’t heard of the Governor from Virginia, you will

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie:

Are you with me? Good, check it.

The Highest Rated Nationally Televised Vice-Presidential Debate in History. Write it Down!

The straight talking, fireballer from Jersey in a one on one showdown with a Vice-President who, himself cares very little about the consequences of his words, would create a debate environment that would bare more of a resemblance to “Thunderdome” than a college auditorium.

This wouldn’t just be a political “rap battle” both lawmakers can articulate the complicated issues in a way that would bring everyone into the political conversation. Both are well liked by their parties and when backed into a corner both will fight back.

Tell me you wouldn’t want to see this man debating Joe Biden.

Any of these three lawmakers would present a major challenge to the Vice-President. Biden wouldn’t have the luxury of going easy like he did in 2008.

A bad night in front of these three for Joe Biden and it could cost the Obama campaign the election.

If my savings were on the line. I’d want to see Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan is the best debate Match-up for the Vice-President