Ryan Williams out of Orange-Osceola State Attorney Race

Ryan Williams, the “young gun” in the Orange-Osceola State Attorney contest is withdrawing from the race.

Reports from the Orlando Sentinel have Williams withdrawing, leaving us with the Lamar vs. Ashton grudge match that has gotten big publicity in the last few months.

Williams faced a colossal challenge stepping between Lawson Lamar, an entrenched, multi-term incumbent, and Jeff Ashton the Casey Anthony prosecutor with the best selling book and Rob Lowe dramatization treatment. He did fine during the State-Attorney Debate a few weeks back and got some traction by blaming Lamar’s management for the Cady Way murders, that led to the death of two teenagers.

Still, he was the clear cut extra man and there was no indication he was going to be able to create space between Lamar and Ashton. Williams has got skills, he’ll be back.

Teams from both of the remaining camps are staying out of the media spotlight and that’s a good call, they’ve got a colossal fight ahead and a debate on the schedule that is now a one on one contest with Joerg Jaeger also withdrawing from the contest a few weeks back.

Lawson Lamar and Jeff Ashton have also been doing the “dosey doe” on local public affairs television. Lamar called out Ashton by name during one appearance. This is going to be a bitter slug-match to the end, all with the anniversary of the Casey Anthony buzz that is the only background noise between the two rivals.

It’s about to get real

Williams did well when he had the opportunity but couldn’t break up Lamar and Ashton