Wasserman Schultz for Governor in 2014? Florida Democrats can do better

Florida Democrats are already looking at 2014. Specifically the Governor’s race that will allow whoever their nominee is the opportunity to take on a vulnerable Rick Scott.

Scott can’t break the 35% ceiling on his approval rating. While he’s made some strides in job creation, his stock is still too low to feel good about his re-election chances. He’s done well fundraising and as the incumbent should continue to do so, but operatives from all over the state should be concerned.

He can be beat, if Democrats can field the right candidate. The most recent name? DNC Chairwoman and South Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

That’s right, DWS. The biggest “one message” politician in the entire Democratic party and possibly American politics.

That message? “They’re bad. We’re good.” The substance behind that message? Almost always absent.

Yeah, it’s an RNC ad but those are her own words. And she’s capable of a political fumble at any given moment. Oh, Scott fumbles too but he’s not a media moth like DWS and he’ll have the money to do what he did in 2010.

Buy ad time, lots of ad time and the rest will work itself out.

Not to mention that DWS for Governor would mobilize the Republican party to rally behind Scott. You think there going to sit back and let her stroll right into the governor’s mansion? No way.

What about her effectiveness if elected? You think she can work across the aisle against a super-majority of Republicans? You think she wants to work across the aisle with a super-majority of Republicans?

Governor Debbie Wasserman Schultz with Florida House Speaker Chris Dorworth. That’s not a state Government, that’s an HBO drama.

Democrats can do better. Much better. You’ve already got State Senator Nan Rich. Yeah, she’s not exciting but early polling has her doing well against Scott. There is Alex Sink 2.0 which is a bolder, angrier Sink than the text prone, soft spoken 2010 version. And you know we can’t go through the Governor conversation without mentioning Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer who can deliver the heart of the I4 corridor for President Barack Obama and make the argument that he did more to help the President than DWS herself.

Wasserman-Schultz’s term as the DNC chair will likely end after the election in November. She’s favored in her left-leaning district for re-election for another term and that’s what she should do. Stay in the house, Nancy Pelosi is older and there aren’t many rising stars in the House as far as Democrats are concerned.

Speaker Wasserman-Schultz? It’s more likely than Florida Governor Wasserman Schultz.

DWS presents too much of a liability for Democrats wanting to take back the Governors Mansion