Dyer gets tougher on crime, Jacobs Cleans up

What have your two Mayors been up to? Both have been busy, and both are working on universal issues that the whole community can get behind.

Only one can handle a chainsaw (Sorry Mayor Dyer, that is a nice suit though)

We start off with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer as he and police chief Paul Rooney launch the 2012 Summer Crime Initiative. They released this webvid earlier this morning.

There was an increase in burglaries and theft last year. OPD has reduced crime in almost every other area and their community relations operation is pretty strong. This initiative along with their constantly strong presence leaves little doubt that increase will fall.

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs participated in the Cady Way Cleanup. You won’t catch many Central Florida politicians outdoors in the middle of July, let alone wrestling with trees out in the woods. Here are some photos.

Normally, you’ll only see the two mayors sharing media coverage when they’re sparring over the Citrus Bowl or Performing arts center. Today, we’ve seen both taking steps to make the region stronger in areas which residents expect local government to be the most proficient in.