Adams conferences with Bloggers, talks Palin, Washington and Mica

Earlier this week, Congresswoman Sandy Adams held a conference call with bloggers from right here in Orlando, to all the way out in California. Just the latest move in her primary contest with John Mica that has garnered national attention.

Adams talked about her recent nod from former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin, the current conditions in the nation’s capital, and some eye opening remarks about her opponent Mica. However, the remark that stuck out from the entire call wasn’t spoken by Adams but her spokesperson, and didn’t have any edgy rhetoric attached to it.

“This didn’t have to happen”

No truer words have been spoken in this entire campaign.

The debate over who should run well has been one of the biggest issues in this primary fight that will see Central Florida Republicans lose a well-liked lawmaker in Washington. Adams told bloggers her side of the argument and mentioned that Mica was turning his back on thousands of constituents he previously represented by running against Adams.

She also wanted voters to know that all of Mica’s claims to bringing money back to the state neglect to mention that it’s rerouted tax payer dollars that’s being spent with a large deficit for his pet projects.

The most startling talking point during this call were the accusations of personal threats made to Adams supporters and the Congresswoman herself. “I’m a former Law Enforcement office. I know a threat when I see one”.

In fairness, I’ll ask the Mica campaign to reply. Both Lawmakers are terrific, I wish we could keep both lawmakers.

Still, voters in the 7th will have to make the decision in a little less than a month from now and no matter who wins. We all lose.

“This didn’t need to happen”

Congresswoman Adams took time out from her campaign to speak with bloggers earlier this week.